Week In Gossip: It’s All About The Jersey Shore

Ladies, why can’t we all just get along? Oh right, because someone dropped the C-word. [People]

Read excerpts from Snooki’s new book, compare them with great American authors. [PopEater]

In other Jersey Shore news, Pauly D is enjoying filming his spin-off (duh). [Access]

Kim Kardashian doesn’t think she’s sexy. [GirlsLadies]

Rihanna launches fragrance that matches her tattoo. [People]

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Ladies We Love: The Wit-Laced Fashion Sense of The Fug Girls

These days, there’s enough red carpet, celebrity and fashion coverage out there that it can get a little overwhelming. Many publications are all about the hysteria surrounding the stars, and it seems that once someone makes an opinion on who’s best and worst dressed, everybody follows suit. Enter, The Fug Girls.

The Fug Girls, a.k.a. Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks, are the young irreverent fashion bloggers behind Go Fug Yourself– the Los Angeles celebrity fashion blog devoted to all things fugly.

While most websites clammer around the idea of which celebs looked great and who should fire their stylist, The Fug Girls dare to ask the question “Was that so f-ing ugly, it actually worked!?” Besides the blog itself being completely addicting, the writing is absolutely clever and even, well, smart.

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Hot Topiq: LiLo’s Out of Rehab, But She Still Loves Her HPNOTIQ

Paparazzi caught Lindsay Lohan showing off HPNOTIQ’s cover art on the back of this month’s issue of 944 Magazine, as she was stepping out of a Los Angeles gym yesterday morning.

After a long chain of unfortunate events, including allegations of assault and drug use during her most recent stint in rehab, we’re hoping to see the star get back on track.

The 24-year-old actress was released from court-ordered rehabilitation on Monday, and stated on her Twitter page that she will be taking it “one step at a time” now that she’s been discharged from Betty Ford.

We’re all about Living Louder, but we should all take a cue from Lindsay and enjoy ourselves responsibly. So Team LiLo, do you think Lindsay will stay straight this time?

More photos here.

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Trend Spotting: The New Generation of Nail Polish Inspiration

Once upon a time, nail polish was just a way to refine the looks of a woman’s hands. French manicures and pale pinks ruled the scene, keeping up with old fashioned views of femininity. Luckily for us girls, the world has changed and so have our nail trends… not to mention, our role models!

This month, O.P.I. (the brand who we’ve all come to love and trust) introduces the Glam Slam collection– a series of two nail polishes inspired by tennis superstar, Serena Williams. Who, by the way, looks absolutely fabulous in the ad campaign.

The pair of polishes include the metallic chartreuse called Simply Smashing along with our newest obsession– a Black Shatter top coat that crackles nail polish to perfection, getting an edgy and artful look in just two easy steps!

The collection continues throughout the year taking inspiration from the three remaining tennis tournaments… and we have to admit, we’ve never been so excited for the French Open, U.S. Open, and Wimbledon before!

Our friends over at All Lacquered Up put the Glam Slam to the test and we seriously just can’t wait to get our hands on the Black Shatter top coat! Check out the results after the jump…

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The Fans Decide at the People’s Choice Awards

Last night in Los Angeles, the stars came out for the annual People’s Choice Awards– a celebration of fans since, well, without us… people like Katy Perry would cease to exist.

Perry, along with fellow music industry friends Taylor Swift and Eminem, won big at the award show. While Twilight continued it’s award season streak from last year, winning Best Movie. Kristen Stewart was also awarded with Best Actress and possibly best dressed of the night.

The actress sparkled in a short gold sequin dress– a color that was quite on trend for the evening, along with shades of beige and nude that seemed to take over the Nokia Theater. The Kardashian sisters, Ashley Tisdale, Taylor Swift, and Leighton Meester all donned different takes of the neutral.

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Hot Topiq: Paula Abdul Loses The Crazy For New Show?

From Pop Eater:

Straight up, now tell us, is Paula Abdul’s sweet and articulate nature on TV’s ‘Live to Dance’ going to last forever, oh, oh, oh, or are we caught in a hit-and-run?

The former ‘American Idol’ judge made her triumphant return to television last night on her new CBS show. Unlike her previous small screen hits and misses (‘Hey Paula!’, anyone?), the singer brought not only her trademark nice girl act, but — dare we say it? — a remarkable level of coherence to the show.

Abdul, who also executive produces ‘Live to Dance,’ has done away with the format of lengthy, often unnecessarily harsh commentary directed at contestants used on ‘Idol’ in favor of a quick and painless buzzer elimination.

Now the question is, are we willing to watch a show where Paula doesn’t have the opportunity to rant like a total nut? Probably not…

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The HPNOTIQ Girl’s Guide to Twitter: White Girl Problems

In a world where the classic 15 minutes of fame meter ticks more like a desperate 30 seconds, social networking sites have never done better. Now, websites like Twitter (making everyone famous in 140 characters or less) have given birth to a new brand of web-celebrity. Forget your Tavi Gevinsons and your every day Julie & Julias, a new wave of insta-wit charmers are here to entertain you!

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be revealing some of our favorite follows, who succeed in making us giggle at our desks with every amusing tweet. Let’s start with the pinnacle girly groaning of White Girl Problems

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Man of the Month: DJ Pauly D

Ok so, maybe when you think about accomplished, talented and good looking men, The Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D may not be the first guy that comes to mind, but we can’t deny that the GTL veteran is having the best, well, year ever.

With The Jersey Shore returning this Thursday to anticipating audiences, Pauly D promises us in the 3rd season trailer that our favorite band of Macaroni Rascals “are absolutely gonna top last summuh.”

But more than just his signature coif and lighthearted attitude, Pauly D seems to have a whole lot more going for him. Recently named one of 2010′s “most fascinating people” by Barbara Walters, along with Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg and the Royal Family’s soon-to-be newest Princess Kate Middleton, the 30-year-old reality star’s new title was shortly followed by the announcement of his own MTV spin-off show.

“He’s distinguished himself onscreen as the fun-loving, well-coiffed and dependable guy you can’t help but want to hang out with. We know viewers are curious about his life away from the shore and we look forward to exploring new possibilities around that,” Chris Linn, executive vice president of programming and head of production for MTV, said in a statement about the reality star.

And considering DJ Pauly D rakes in a whopping $40K for a two hour DJ set, we’ll go ahead and give him the props that he deserves… and maybe even bump him up a couple notches on the dream boy Richter scale.

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Trend Spotting: It’s Still Plenty Chilly for Winter Hats

The holidays may be over, but it’s still cold outside… and what better way to keep warm, all while looking cute, than with winter hats!?

This season we’ve been seeing tons of fashion forward looks from celebs that are totally wearable in our everyday lives (unlike some of the creations we’re used to seeing on the heads of Lady Gaga or Pink’s panda faux pas).

Would you rock a turban like songstress Kylie Minogue? How about a Russian-inspired fur hat for a night on the town as seen on Rihanna? Or do you stick with a classic slouchy beanie in bold colors like Taylor Swift?

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Cover Watch: Sarah Jessica Parker Talks Fashion With Elle

We’ve loved Sarah Jessica Parker since the days she did full episode voiceovers for Sex and the City (Season 1, anyone?), if not just for her grasp on risk-taking yet trés chic style but also for a life well-balanced in the public eye.

The 45-year-old mother of three graces the cover of this month’s Elle Magazine in a Halston Heritage dress– the brand which recently named her as its President and Chief Creative Officer. And although some scrutiny falls on every celebrity who decides to dabble with brief careers in fashion, Parker assures the readers of Elle that is clearly not the case with her involvement in the designer brand.

“I said, ‘Please know this now: I will never do this for a title. I will never dip in and out of this. I’ll do it like everything else I’ve ever done. I’ll be involved down to the splitting of the atom,’” SJP tells Elle of when Halston made the offer.

Moreover, Parker discusses aging in the limelight, life with hubby Matthew Broderick and the newest additions to their family, as well as her design skills which may not be entirely technical but lean more on her strong aesthetic sensibilities. “I might not have the language; I can’t always tell you the exact blend of a fabric,” she admits, ”but I figure it out.”

Check out more photos of Sarah Jessica Parker in the pages of this month’s issue of Elle Magazine below!

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