Make Your Friends Green With Envy with a Luminous Tan

Love to tan, but don’t have the time? No problem! Stop by the Wet Deck in the W Hotel in Dallas, Texas to try out the most innovative product in tanning yet, Luminous Envy.

Luminous Envy, created by a 24 year-old who loves to tan, allows you to float in the pool while cutting your tan time by a third. The reflective material on the sides and bottom capture the suns rays better, giving you a quicker and even tan.

Attendees of the event will receive poolside spa treatments by Bliss Spa along with a free specialty HPNOTIQ Harmonie cocktail.

For the rest of the evening, guests can enjoy Harmonie cocktails for just $5 a glass. Proceeds to the event support the Muscular Dystrophy Association, so drink up!


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Joe Le of Houston’s Aka Sushi House Mixes Up Asian Inspired HPNOTIQ Treats

Where are you from? Texas but originally from Vietnam.

Do you have a nickname when you’re behind the bar? Not that I know of but regulars have started calling me JoJo… especially after they’ve had a few too many. [laughs]

When and why did you get into Mixology? I have always been curious about bartending and being a bartender enables me to apply my curiosity creatively.

What cocktails are you best known for? My novelty shots and asian inspired cocktails.

What item can you not live without behind the bar and why? A channel knife, because I use a lot of fresh fruit and the channel knife enables me to cut them up properly.

What makes Aka different from other places? Aka loosely translated means red in Japanese and red to me signifies passion — that is what sets Aka Sushi House apart from other places, there is always an underlying passion in everything that we do… especially at the bar.

What is a good “insider tip” for someone who has never been to Aka? Come on Friday and Saturday nights, of course.

What is the craziest thing you have ever seen while being behind the bar? Too many to narrow down, but I am always amazed at how fun loving and free spirited my patrons are. I have, by far, the most uninhibited patrons in H-Town.  Continue reading

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Jasmine Solano Gives Us Tips For The Morning After

I’m a stickler for all things organic and natural… well at least as much as possible when you live such a metropolitan life. I believe that nature has a cure for everything, including the party bug.   Every girl’s gotta have her fun, but here are some holistic tips for when we over indulge during a crazy night…

All of these refreshing cures try to rehydrate your body, and supply it with the lost potassium and magnesium ions, as well as balance the blood pH again.

  • As soon as you wake up, drink 2 large glasses of water to undo the dehydration. Even better if you drink hot water with added one tablespoon of honey. Honey contains plenty of fructose (a simple sugar, also called fruit sugar) which speeds up the metabolism of alcohol. You can also eat just two tablespoons of honey, which is great quick cure.
  • Have a large glass of freshly squeezed grapefruit, orange or tomato juice. Fruit juice is rich in fructose and minerals therefore excellent to drink as soon as you wake up.
  • Good tip is eating some dates! Dates also have a high fructose content.
  • Eat one tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses in the morning. Molasses are rich in potassium and other minerals you have lost. You will be amazed how rejuvenated you feel after eating molasses!
  • Have a banana milkshake! Banana milkshake is an especially good way to replace potassium, magnesium and other nutrition lost during a night of nonstop partying. Mix half cup of milk with one banana and two teaspoons of honey in a blender and drink up.
  • Pickle juice or sauerkraut brine are great healing remedies! Drink a small cup slowly.
  • If you have the time make yourself a delicious revitalizing soup. Main ingredients are white cabbage, onions and carrots. (If you have access to sauerkraut use it instead of raw cabbage. Use also the juice of sauerkraut.) Chop the vegetables and put them in a large pan with some olive oil. Stir-fry the vegetables with some salt for 10 minutes. Add two cloves of crushed garlic and enough water to cover all the ingredients. Simmer for one hour. Season with pepper, parsley and dill. Add some creme-fraiche or sour cream at the end. The soup is loaded with useful minerals, antioxidants, nutrients and alkaline substances is therefore excellent cure for a late night out on the town.
  • Get plenty of sleep! Your body is worn out and the best medicine after a night out is having enough wholesome sleep.
  • Take cold or cool showers! You will feel a lot better after! It is an easy  remedy and helps you feel better than you might think.

Continue reading

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Harmonie Makes Its Houston Debut at abOUT Magazine Launch

HPNOTIQ Harmonie made its official debut in the city of Houston at abOUT magazine’s launch party at M2M Fashion boutique.

Harmonie helped the LGBT magazine celebrate its premier with Harmonie cocktails, including HPNOTIQ Roq Candy Martini, HPNOTIQ Blueberry Crush and Harmonie Bubbles & Berries.  The first 50 guests were rewarded with swanky HPNOTIQ gift bags.

More than 200 guests danced the night away at the premier which helped benefit LIVE Consortium – a Houston-based organization that helps raise awareness for HIV in the Houston community.

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Harmonie Girls Night Out at Ultra Sheer Nightclub

Ultra Sheer Nightclub was the premier place to be for Harmonie’s Girls Night Out event in Westminister, Colorado. Ladies showed up to Girls Night Out looking pretty in pink as HPNOTIQ Harmonie girls passed out free signature drinks.

One lucky lady had the chance to win a grand prize of a VIP Girls Night Out with bottle service for her and 10 girlfriends.

The Ultra Sheer staff showed support by donning Harmonie colored glow necklaces and bracelets while 95.7 threw live shout outs on air throughout the night.


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CoverGirl Makeup Artist Amy Nadine Shares Girls Night Out Tips

Our girl Kelsi Smith caught up with CoverGirl’s celebrity make-up artist Amy Nadine who is also the beauty editor of recently launched site with Lauren Conrad. The savvy lady behind the celebrity primp and prep at the MTV Movie Awards Beauty Bar shares her top tips for Girls Night Out and summer with HPNOTIQ:

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I’m With The DJ: Miami’s Anthony Pisano

From South Jersey to South Florida, DJ Anthony Pisano has been making major moves on the nightlife scene — boasting notoriety with fans like Russell Simmons and the late DJ AM.

Add to the mix monthly residencies at hotspots like LIV, Louis, Florida Room, and Mokai, as well as traveling all over the world, one can say this young music mister has got it going on.

HPNOTIQ got a chance to chat with the ambitious Pisano manning the DJ booth about what songs are guaranteed to make a crowd dance and where the party’s at down in Miami!


What makes for a good DJ?

I’d say being able to read a crowd and song selection are key.


What is one of your fondest memories behind the 1s and 2s?

Opening for DJ AM, hands down.


What other DJs would you love to work with and why?

Calvin Harris because he is my favorite artist at the moment. His sound is awesome.


What are some of your favorite places to party?

LIV, Purdy Lounge, Louis, Wall


What are three songs guaranteed to make everybody dance?

“Party All The Time (On and On)” - Brass Knuckles
“Rolling in the Deep” Remixes - Adele
“Give Me Everything (Tonight) – Pitbull feat. Ne-Yo


Do you have a good luck record?

“Dancing With The DJ” - The Knocks


What are the top 5 songs playing on your ipod right now?

“Wildfire” - SBTRKT
“Goody Two Shoes” - Duck Sauce
“The Island” – Pendulum (Steve Angello, AN21, Max Vangeli Remix)
“Mr. Saxobeat” – Alexandra Stan
“Save the world tonight” (Brass Knuckles Remix) - Swedish House Mafia


What is your most loathed request?

At the moment “Racks” by YC


What’s your favorite thing about this city?

All of the great restaurants and nightlife

Check out more from DJ Anthony Pisano at!

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Harmonie Wows Brides at Incredible Events Bridal Show

Harmonie turned out to be a major hit at Florida’s Incredible Events Bridal show this past weekend. Close to 300 brides-to-be attended the function where over 45 wedding vendors were featured.

Ladies sipped on signature Harmonie cocktails, including Purple Rain and Harmonie Blush, while gushing over Harmonie’s beautiful colors and tasty candy bar.

Brides interested in serving Harmonie cocktails for their future nuptials walked away with a wedding guestbook. Harmonie’s booth became such a hit that producers of the event eagerly invited us back for next year. Can’t wait!

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Harmonie’s Exclusive Peek into Vanessa Minnillo’s Bridal Shower

Vanessa Minnillo shared an intimate experience with friends and family at her surprise bridal shower celebrating her future nuptials with Nick Lachey.

Only 16 of her closest friends were present at the violet-themed gathering held in the Beverly Hills home of her Maid of Honor. The bride-to-be and her lovely guests sipped on purple HPNOTIQ Harmonie cocktails throughout the entire night.

Attendees decorated mini-wedding cakes with the help of Amazing Wedding Cakes star Marc Gravelle, while wearing Harmonie designed aprons. The 30 year-old actress can’t wait to walk down the aisle and believes the best part of marriage is transitioning into a family.  Check out photos from the event after the jump

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Mixing Up Harmonie Cocktails With Some Eye Candy

Here at HPNOTIQ we always guarantee to serve up delicious sweet treats alongside our signature cocktails — from our custom candy bars and candied violet garnishes to the eye candy behind the bar! Check out one of our hottie bartenders mixing up a few specialty Harmonie cocktails at Covergirl’s MTV Movie Awards Beauty Bar, where celebs got introduced to their newest violet BFF and got pampered before the big event.

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