I’m With the DJ: Jay McCracken

When Atlanta native Jay McCracken isn’t busy playing CEO to his very own production company, serving up drinks behind the bar, or modeling, then you can probably find him spinning at some of the hottest venues in the ATL.

HPNOTIQ got the chance to chat with the versatile McCracken about the makings of a good deejay and what he loves most about his hometown of Atlanta.

What makes for a good DJ?

Good transitions to the next song. Also, being able to understand the concept of producing music.

What is one of your fondest memories behind the 1s and 2s?

When Paris Bennett, from the past American Idol season, stood me up at a club event after I hired her for the night.

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PHOTOS: Bubbles & Bites in San Francisco & NYC

This gallery contains 11 photos.

As promised, here are some photos from HPNOTIQ’s fun-filled Bubbles & Bites tour in San Francisco and New York City!

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HPNOTIQ Celebrates New BFF Harmonie in NYC with Khloé Kardashian

On Tuesday night, we celebrated the release of our newest partner in crime — HPNOTIQ Harmonie — at New York City’s newest hotspot, Ph-D at the Dream Downtown Hotel. The event was vibrant violet like you’ve never seen it before with signature Harmonie cocktails like Bubbles ‘N Berries, Purple Rain and Harmonie Blush, our delicious custom candy bar in shades of pink and purple, an amazing cupcake dress centerpiece and, of course, our host for the evening — the fabulous Khloé Kardashian Odom!

E! News was there to catch up with our hostess with the mostest about her favorite HPNOTIQ cocktails, why she doesn’t like the word “step-mom” and her plans for sister Kim’s bachelorette party!

Take a look at the photos from our big night out at kirillwashere.com!

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HPNOTIQ, Gilt City and Benefit Cosmetics Present: The Bubbles & Bites Beauty Tour

What girl wouldn’t want to enjoy an evening of pampering and free goodies while sipping on tasty cocktails?

That’s exactly why we’ve teamed up with Gilt City — the go-to site for local city deals — and the posh makeup line Benefit Cosmetics to present the Bubbles & Bites Beauty Tour.

Seventy-five of the top tastemakers and members of the media were chosen from Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York to enjoy an evening of relaxation. The lucky guests will receive free make up applications, facial waxes, hors d’oeuvres and exclusive swag bags, while savoring the best HPNOTIQ Harmonie has to offer.

Los Angeles and Chicago’s evening of Bubbles & Bites were both hits, so we can’t wait for what’s in store tonight in San Francisco! The tour moves on to its last leg in New York City tomorrow night. Stay tuned for the fabulous photos to come!

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I’m With The DJ: DJ Jazmin

Meet New York City native Miss Jazmin, aka DJ Dora. When she isn’t busy driving listeners into the pool from her amazing deejay abilities, you can often find her spinning at Sea Ultra Lounge in the Meat Packing district, or grooving to jams at NYC’s Pacha.

HPNOTIQ had the pleasure of speaking with the proud New Yorker to discuss her love for NYC, good luck records and her most memorable DJ moment.

What makes for a good DJ?

A great DJ possesses the “good ear;” the ability to recognize a good song when they hear one almost instinctively. This DJ will transform a good song into a beat that keeps people moving all night.

What is one of your fondest memories behind the 1s and 2s?

During my second gig, a guy was enjoying the music TREMENDOUSLY. So much, in fact that he stripped down to his boxers and jumped into Sea’s decorative pool, which is fully equipped with a waterfall. This man’s release (or escapade, depending on the narrator) resulted in him being carried out of the club by all of security into a busy New York City street. I mean, I’ve been around excited people, but that was by far THE most entertaining and fulfilling experience to watch. I aspire to move people with my music for the rest of my life. I guess some might move more than others… Continue reading

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Ladies we Love: Kerry Knee of Flirty Girl Fitness

While it may be difficult to maintain ones sexiness during a workout, Kerry Knee manages to do it effortlessly.  In 2005, Knee founded the fitness program Flirty Girl Fitness – an exercise routine that turns pole dancing into a fun, sexy, fat burning workout — with the help of her sister Krista. What began as a small fitness facility in Toronto, later evolved into instructional DVDs, a new studio in Chicago, spas and a clothing line.

As a fitness instructor, fitness definitely comes first to the exercise guru, but as a woman, so does fashion! HPNOTIQ up with the lovely Ms. Knee to talk about workout trends, fashion trends and heels.

What are some of your favorite workouts?

Traditional fitness never worked for me, so my sister and I created Flirty Girl Fitness to have a place where women can have fun while getting fit!  My favorite classes to jump into our Booty Beat for my backside, Pole Dance for my arms, and Club Cardio Dance to get my cardio fix.

What is the newest fitness trend you want to try?

I’ve always loved the acrobatic silk performers!  I’m trying to think of a way to bring that to Flirty Girl, but our pole workout has the same affect on building muscle in the arms. Continue reading

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Hpnotiq Hotspot: Prepare For a Drag & A Good Laugh at The Baton Lounge Show

When tourists and locals aren’t busy enjoying the many eats of Chicago, they can be found hitting the city’s extensive night life. However, if clubs aren’t your thing, then you’re sure to enjoy a fun filled evening at the Baton Show Lounge.

For the past 43 years, Baton has been entertaining Chicago locals and visitors alike with a “Tops of the Nation” female impersonation show. We spoke with owner Jim Flint about the Chicago Hall of Fame establishment and what visitors can expect at the Baton.

What can people expect when going to Baton?

I can describe our guests in one word- enthusiastic! Baton attracts locals and tourists alike with a very mixed crowd, including a big alternative crowd. Baton features three talented sound technicians to ensure top of the line sound and stage quality for every single show.

Is the “Tops of the Nation” show the only performance visitors can enjoy at Baton?

In addition to the “Tops of the Nation” show playing twice a day (8:30pm and 10:30pm) every Wednesday-Sunday, Baton also conducts a Miss Continental and Mr. Continental pageant every summer. This is the biggest female impersonation contest in the nation and brings candidates from 50 cities. The winner receives a prize that includes 60 bookings at Baton Lounge and airfare/hotel accommodations. Who needs Vegas?!

For the lush in us, how are the drinks?

We offer several specialty cocktails at Baton including Cherry on Top (Harmonie Blush) and Harmonie Blush Martini served with a purple glow stick.

Can we expect to see any stars in the house?

In the past we’ve had the pleasure of entertaining Janet Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Dennis Rodman, Joan Crawford, and Shirley McClaine.

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I’m With the DJ: Chicago’s DJ-Spin

While Chicago’s own DJ Spin may forever call the Windy City home, his spinning abilities far exceed the confines of the Chi.

Aside from being a regular disk jockey for Chicago’s B96 and KGGI in Riverside, California, Spin has worked in venues all across the world ranging from Vegas, Costa Rica and Europe.

HPNOTIQ recently got the chance to catch up with the Chi-town deejay to discuss his most hated music requests and which The Fresh Prince of Bel-air star he’s dying to battle.

What makes for a good DJ?

A cool DJ name, a Macbook Pro and good hair — it also helps if you can actually mix two songs together without creating train wrecking.

What is one of your fondest memories behind the 1s and 2s?

I have a lot. I’d say, DJing in a Jungle in Costa Rica, on the beach in San Diego and, as always,  performing at the B96 Summer Bash in Chicago every year in a stadium filled with almost 30,000 people.

What other DJs would you love to work with and why?

I’d like to battle Jazzy Jeff, and if I win I get to throw him out like Uncle Phil on The Fresh Prince of Bel-air. Continue reading

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A Night Out with ‘Just the Girls’ and Harmonie

Harmonie joined the ladies of 97.9 in Delray Beach for an evening dedicated to us gals. Over 2,500 ladies came out to the annual ‘Just Us Girls’ event, benefiting the Susan G Komen Foundation.

Ladies sipped on Harmonie Blush and Bubbles ‘N Berries cocktails while watching the first ever dating game showcase.

A lucky bachelor and bachelorette walked away with a limo ride, dinner, tickets to a comedy show and a bottle of HPNOTIQ Harmonie. Ladies who weren’t able to snag a man, didn’t leave completely empty-handed; exclusive Harmonie gift baskets were given out to attendees.

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Celebrating Independence Day at the FLUX Pool Party in Atlanta

HPNOTIQ joined Atlantans this weekend as they celebrated Independence Day at DJ Vicki Powell’s annual Fourth of July Rooftop Pool Party at the Melia hotel.

Party goers – who were asked to dress in skimpy swimwear — lounged by the pool and sipped on HPNOTIQ Harmonie cocktails, while DJs Kyle Keyser, William Roman, Stefan Kallweit and Rami Freiji cranked out tunes all night long. The festivities – which were complete with fireworks – continued well into the wee hours of the night.



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