First Date Do’s and Dont’s

Before heading out in your red-bottom heels with that cutie you met last week, or the blind date your co-worker has insisted you go on, consider these do’s and don’ts to make the best of your evening with Mr. Right Now.


Smile – Your big, bright smile will make him feel comfortable. Being happy and positive will start the night off right.

Dress feminine – Most guys don’t get the hipster flannel and combat boot trend, so try to make an effort with your wardrobe without ditching your own personal style.

Offer to split to bill – It’s polite, and shows you’re not a princess. If he’s a gentleman, he won’t let you pay, but the offer should still be extended. Continue reading

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Labor Day Weekend Outfits

The unofficial end of summer is near and, you guessed it, Labor Day is right around the corner! This means there will be tons of parties, picnics and BBQs taking place in order to celebrate summer’s last hurrah. Are you ready for all the fun?  Better yet, what will you be wearing?

Before you swap out your favorite summer items for your most covet fall wares, be sure to keep a few things out for all the Labor Day fun activities.

Let’s start with a pair of denim cut off shorts.  Keep a pair of these out for a casual outing during the weekend.  Pair the shorts with a graphic t-shirt, wedges for height, sandals for comfort and accessorize to keep the look fab.  This look is perfect for a picnic with friends.

Quicksilver: $44.50

American Eagle Outfitters: $30

J Brand: $124.80 Continue reading

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Kendra’s Girl’s Night Out With Harmonie

Former Girls Next Door stars Kendra Wilkinson and Holly Madison were living it up this weekend at Wet Republic in Las Vegas, as they enjoyed a fun-filled girl’s night day out. Kendra flaunted her post-baby bod in a white bikini and Harmonie-inspired cover-up.

The former Playmate models cooled off by the pool with Harmonie cocktails as temperatures reached the 100s. Kendra was clearly seemed to be enjoying herself as she shot out Harmonie T-shirts into the crowd with a pneumatic gun. Check out more photos from the event below.

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HPNOTIQ’s Hurricane Cocktail Guide!

If you live on the east coast, then you’re well aware of the hurricane hurdling towards us all. We at HPNOTIQ would like to ease your worries by sharing some tasty cocktails to try this weekend as we wait for Hurricane Irene to pass. As always, Think Wisely, Drink Wisely…and stay dry!

First up…none other then HPNOTIQ Hurricane.

*3 oz. HPNOTIQ

*1-2 oz. Citrus Flavored Rum

*Splash of Fresh Lime Juice

*Splash of Club Soda and garnish with a pineapple Continue reading

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Hpnotiq Harmonie’s Top 5 Makeup No-Nos

It happens to the best of us. We spend some quality time primping in the mirror making ourselves look even more fabulous, hit the nighttime scene think we are IT, and then the next day we cringe at the photos tagged of us on Facebook. We look horrible! How could this have happened? Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with a list of five major ones you need to avoid.

1) Mismatched foundation. Knowing your undertones is half the battle when it comes to matching foundation. One way is to look at your veins—if you see green, you likely have warm undertones; blue, you likely have cool undertones. Not sure? Go to a makeup counter and pick three shades that look close. It’s best to go out in daylight to get a good read. Apply them all to the jawline. The one that disappears into the skin is your match.

But what if you’re a woman of color and the perimeter of your face is darker than the center? It’s best to use two different colors (one to match each area) in this case as one blanket color can look unnatural. You can also warm up the face and add dimension with blush and bronzer. Continue reading

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Hpnotiq Harmonie Has Your ‘Girls Night Out’ Look Covered

We look to Hpnotiq Harmonie for cocktail inspiration when we’re feeling like mixologists, but when we’re headed out for a girl’s night, Harmonie can be the perfect fashion inspiration!

Violet, lilac, and other purple tones look amazing against bronzed skin and will grab the attention of suitors. So the next time you’re heading out with the ladies, shove that little black dress to the back of the closet, and don Harmonie-violet! You can rock this royal color all over, or go for small doses. Either way, the look is Hpnotiq!

Sophia Mesh Satin Platform Pump, $129

Wyatt Toxin Jersey Draped V-Neck Dress, $59.24

Liberty of London Medium Leather Bag, $490 Continue reading

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Bartender Seth Walsh of Vegas’ Yellowtail

When and why did you get into mixology?

I started bartending about three years ago. I just love trying and creating new flavors and the fact that I get to smile and have fun for a living.


What would you tell someone who has never been to Yellowtail before?

Embrace the energy, have fun with it and, “Here try this!”


What do you love about working behind the bar?

I’m a mood director.


What sets original Hpnotiq and Hpnotiq Harmonie apart from the rest of the cocktail world?

They say you should always wear one piece of clothing that is a conversation starter, but you should really just order a Hpnotiq cocktail. It’s definitely a conversation starting drink! Continue reading

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Hotspots: McSorley’s Beach Pub

McSorley’s Beach Pub, located in Fort Lauderdale, offers patrons a bit of Ireland on the beach. Tourists and locals alike are drawn to McSorley’s beautiful ocean views, relaxed atmosphere and amazing drink specials.

We caught up with the well known watering hole — owned by “three Irish guys” — to find out what visitors can expect at McSorley’s.


What’s the atmosphere at McSorley’s?

Young professionals and beautiful people of Fort Lauderdale. Your first impression as you come up the stairs into the lounge will be in awe as you notice the wonderful woodwork in the coffered ceiling, the details within the crown moldings and the beautiful raised panels on the wall. The bar itself is spectacular; made out of onyx stone and underlit with mood setting LED lighting, making the onyx shine and glow through the night.  If you’re a Florida sun or moon worshiper, then check out our Sundeck on the weekends! Continue reading

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Get Your Makeup to Last All Night Long

You know what’s cool—dancing the night away at your favorite club. You know what’s not cool? The disappearing act your makeup can play by the end of the night. And let’s not even talk about having to untag yourself from the picture evidence the next day on Facebook.

Can’t a girl dip it low and have her makeup last? Actually, yes, here’s how:

Start with primer. Makeup lasts longer when it has something to hold onto. A foundation primer worn over your moisturizer helps not only to smooth over fine lines and pores, but it also helps your face makeup stay put for hours. Ditto for eye primer—they help your eye makeup last and prevents creasing. Try Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Poreless Primer, $35 and MAC Paint Pot, $17.50 Continue reading

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Hotspots: LaSalle Power Company in Chicago

If you’re undecided about where to plan your next girl’s night out or bachelorette party then you might want to consider LaSalle Power Company.

Located on the historic LaSalle Boulevard in Chicago, LPC offers the ultimate nightlife experience to locals and tourists alike. We caught up with owner Joey Vartanian to learn a little about what patrons can expect during a night at LPC and why locals should consider booking a party here in the near future. Continue reading