5 Shoe Styles You Should Never Wear on a First Date

He finally asked you out, now what?! It’s time to figure out what you will wear on your first date. Although we would like to believe that most guys pay no attention to what we are wearing, there are a few who actually take notes. You definitely don’t want to make the mistake of turning off your crush on the first date by wearing overly suggestive garments or shoes he might find hideous. Always opt for simple, classic shoe options.  Here are five shoe styles you might want to stay away from on the first date. Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (and possibly her)

Just when we thought that the gift-giving season was over, here comes Valentine’s Day– as if we’re still not recovering from all the Christmas spending.  Don’t worry there’s still time, but now is a good idea to start thinking of gift ideas for the guy in your life.  Yes, guy.  Despite Valentine’s Day being marketed towards women, it’s a day to express you love and adoration for that special guy as well.  Not sure what to get him?  Try shopping for 2-in1 and/or unisex gifts you both can enjoy.  Here are 5 simple Valentine Day gifts ideas.


Reservations at a new restaurant:  Take the pressure off your guy this year, take charge and make reservations at a new restaurant you both have been dying to try. Don’t forget the wine and dessert!  Head over to Opentable.com and make those reservations! Continue reading

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7 Guys You Should Never Date

You may think that your new guy is flawless, as love can blind even the smartest women. But sadly, no one is perfect. While there are amazing men out there to date, there are certain types to avoid all together.


Mama’s Boy: Of course you want your man to love and cherish his darling mother, but not live in her basement, eat her groceries and nap all day while she cleans his room.  A guy who still sleeps on his childhood twin bed covered in Star Wars sheets is a big no-no. Continue reading

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Ladies We Love: Elizabeth Candler of Miami Skin Boutique

Meet Elizabeth Candler of Miami Skin Boutique.

What are some of your favorite looks this season?

Orange and lavender colors are very popular this season and look great as nail polish!

What would be the best treatment before a Girls Night Out or a hot date?

Oxygen facials are great because the more oxygen in the cells, the healthier the skin looks. This treatment will leave your skin glowing. Continue reading

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Behind the Bar: Arturo Huerta of Amerigo’s Grille

Meet bartender Arturo Huerta of Texas’ Amerigo’s Grille.

When and why did you get into mixology?

I started back in 2005 because I heard it was good money. I also like how social the job is and I always loved making drinks. Continue reading

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6 Fun (and Low-Cost) Date Ideas for the Winter Season

Now that the hectic holiday season is over, we’ve still got a few months of bitter chill to make it through before the spring arrives.  Plan a few of these winter dates with your new crush or boyfriend to heat up the long, cold winter. Continue reading

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