5 Shoe Styles You Should Never Wear on a First Date

He finally asked you out, now what?! It’s time to figure out what you will wear on your first date. Although we would like to believe that most guys pay no attention to what we are wearing, there are a few who actually take notes. You definitely don’t want to make the mistake of turning off your crush on the first date by wearing overly suggestive garments or shoes he might find hideous. Always opt for simple, classic shoe options.  Here are five shoe styles you might want to stay away from on the first date. Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (and possibly her)

Just when we thought that the gift-giving season was over, here comes Valentine’s Day– as if we’re still not recovering from all the Christmas spending.  Don’t worry there’s still time, but now is a good idea to start thinking of gift ideas for the guy in your life.  Yes, guy.  Despite Valentine’s Day being marketed towards women, it’s a day to express you love and adoration for that special guy as well.  Not sure what to get him?  Try shopping for 2-in1 and/or unisex gifts you both can enjoy.  Here are 5 simple Valentine Day gifts ideas.


Reservations at a new restaurant:  Take the pressure off your guy this year, take charge and make reservations at a new restaurant you both have been dying to try. Don’t forget the wine and dessert!  Head over to Opentable.com and make those reservations! Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

Now that we’ve survived the Christmas and holiday season, it’s time to keep the festivities rolling as we party and cheers to the New Year. I say put on your shiniest of garments — anything sequins — and have fun with your look. When in doubt about what to wear for New Years Eve, go for the bling factor. Whether it’s a flashy short mini dress, a luminous blazer, or shoes that dazzle, celebrate the New Year sparkling like the champagne that’ll be overflowing in your glass.  Here are three New Year’s Eve party outfit ideas to keep you shining brightly into the New Year! Continue reading

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Blogger Spotlight: Fashion as Identity’s Wendy Bendoni

Hpnotiq recently caught up with Fashion as Identity creator Wendy Bendoni to talk about her free-spirit style, holiday trends and Tom Ford.

How would you describe your fashion inspiration?

My fashion inspiration is free-spirit. I like to wear whatever I want to wear, but I think my strongest thing is having something unique and something that’s local. I’m very locally driven — whether it’s LA or local NY.


Any favorite shows you like to shop at or stores you want to shout out?

Designer Joe Brown, as far as his jewelry brand, and locally I’m very Lisa Klein driven. She’s a friend of mine and she’s an LA girl that opened up a great store in regards to curation of LA fashion. Continue reading

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Win a Free Party Sponsored by Hpnotiq & Refinery 29

Come 2012, one lucky girl and her group of friends will win a party hosted by yours truly. All you have to do is head over to Refinery 29, upload a photo of you and girls livin’ it up and get people to vote, vote, vote!

The reader with the most votes wins a party in his or her hometown. You simply supply the guest-list and get ready to par-tay. Not sure what to wear? Well, Refinery 29 has got you covered. They’re throwing in $1000 worth of party apparel handpicked by their fashion editors.

So what are you waiting for?! Upload a photo today!

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Blogger Spotlight: Ordinarily Urbane’s Rachel LaRoche

Hpnotiq recently sat down with fashion blogger Rachel LaRoche, creator of the blog Ordinarily Urbane, while visiting Los Angles for the Snowball gala. The fashion marketer and freelance stylist chatted us up about he vintage obsession and her Christmas plans in the Big Apple.


How would you describe your personal style?

I would say my style is girly, modern and vintage. I feel really inspired by vintage photos and vintage patterns with more of a classic body and modern take. Continue reading

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Blogger Spotlight: Think Thru Fashion’s Sydne Summer

Hpnotiq recently sat down with the ever so talented Sydne Summer, creator of the fashion blog Think Thru Fashion, at the Be Your Best You styling suite in Los Angeles. The quadruple-threat — fashion expert, host, stylist and blogger — chatted us up about her feminine style, holiday trends and why she’s in desperate need of a spa day.

How would you describe your style?

Everything’s really feminine and fitted. I look to the trends to get a little inspiration, but I like curves and I keep it very feminine. Continue reading

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Holiday Office Party Looks: Go From Day to Night!

With Christmas less than two weeks away, your email is probably overflowing with holiday party invites. While you might have a few ideas of what to wear to your friend’s holiday party — like that super short body-con glitter dress you’ve been dying to wear — you’re a bit stumped as to how to address your office’s holiday party look. There’s no time to go home to change and lugging another bag with an extra wardrobe is just out of the question, so what do you wear? Simple solution: Keep it simple with basics and add a few festive touches.

Here are three looks to take you from office daytime drab, to holiday party nighttime fab! Continue reading

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Who Werq’d it Best: Vanessa Hudgens vs Julianne Hough

These starlets rank high on the sexy-meter, and this instance is no different. Vanessa Hudgens opted to keep it plain in simple with a black version of this A-line dress, while Julianne Hough kicked it up a notch with fucsia. While both these girls looked lovely, but who werq’d it best?

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Gift Ideas For the New Guy in Your Life

Shopping for the guy in your life can be tough, but when the guy in your life is new, barely two months, coming up with gift ideas can be even more challenging. You don’t want to appear as if you’re buying your way into his heart by spending too much, nor do you want him to think that he doesn’t matter at all with just a measly key chain. After all, you actually do like him and want to see where things lead. So, what kind of gift do you buy a guy of two months? I say go practical, funny and under $30. Here are five simple and cool gift ideas for that guy who isn’t quite your boyfriend, yet. Continue reading

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