Hpnotiq Hotspot: Minus5 Bar in Las Vegas

Freezing temperatures, ice and parkas are the last thing you’d expect to see in Sin City, but when it comes to local hotspot Minus5, that’s exactly what you get. The unique ice bar, located in the Mandalay Bar Hotel, offers patrons a unique and cool – literally – experience in the desert of Nevada. The bar, which stays at a cool -5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit) at all times, is made completely of ice. From the bar, the walls, the seats – even the glasses! Continue reading

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Hotspots: McSorley’s Beach Pub

McSorley’s Beach Pub, located in Fort Lauderdale, offers patrons a bit of Ireland on the beach. Tourists and locals alike are drawn to McSorley’s beautiful ocean views, relaxed atmosphere and amazing drink specials.

We caught up with the well known watering hole — owned by “three Irish guys” — to find out what visitors can expect at McSorley’s.


What’s the atmosphere at McSorley’s?

Young professionals and beautiful people of Fort Lauderdale. Your first impression as you come up the stairs into the lounge will be in awe as you notice the wonderful woodwork in the coffered ceiling, the details within the crown moldings and the beautiful raised panels on the wall. The bar itself is spectacular; made out of onyx stone and underlit with mood setting LED lighting, making the onyx shine and glow through the night.  If you’re a Florida sun or moon worshiper, then check out our Sundeck on the weekends! Continue reading

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Hotspots: LaSalle Power Company in Chicago

If you’re undecided about where to plan your next girl’s night out or bachelorette party then you might want to consider LaSalle Power Company.

Located on the historic LaSalle Boulevard in Chicago, LPC offers the ultimate nightlife experience to locals and tourists alike. We caught up with owner Joey Vartanian to learn a little about what patrons can expect during a night at LPC and why locals should consider booking a party here in the near future. Continue reading


Harmonie Drink of the Week: Love Potion #19

Our friends over at JAPOIX Restaurant & Lounge in Denver gave us a tasty new Harmonie recipe to try called Love Potion #19. Here’s what you’ll need…

*2 ozHpnotiq “Harmonie”

*1 oz Absolut Pear

*1 oz Nigori Sake

Garnish with lychee pearls and enjoy!

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Hpnotiq Hotspot: Prepare For a Drag & A Good Laugh at The Baton Lounge Show

When tourists and locals aren’t busy enjoying the many eats of Chicago, they can be found hitting the city’s extensive night life. However, if clubs aren’t your thing, then you’re sure to enjoy a fun filled evening at the Baton Show Lounge.

For the past 43 years, Baton has been entertaining Chicago locals and visitors alike with a “Tops of the Nation” female impersonation show. We spoke with owner Jim Flint about the Chicago Hall of Fame establishment and what visitors can expect at the Baton.

What can people expect when going to Baton?

I can describe our guests in one word- enthusiastic! Baton attracts locals and tourists alike with a very mixed crowd, including a big alternative crowd. Baton features three talented sound technicians to ensure top of the line sound and stage quality for every single show.

Is the “Tops of the Nation” show the only performance visitors can enjoy at Baton?

In addition to the “Tops of the Nation” show playing twice a day (8:30pm and 10:30pm) every Wednesday-Sunday, Baton also conducts a Miss Continental and Mr. Continental pageant every summer. This is the biggest female impersonation contest in the nation and brings candidates from 50 cities. The winner receives a prize that includes 60 bookings at Baton Lounge and airfare/hotel accommodations. Who needs Vegas?!

For the lush in us, how are the drinks?

We offer several specialty cocktails at Baton including Cherry on Top (Harmonie Blush) and Harmonie Blush Martini served with a purple glow stick.

Can we expect to see any stars in the house?

In the past we’ve had the pleasure of entertaining Janet Jackson, Jennifer Hudson, Dennis Rodman, Joan Crawford, and Shirley McClaine.

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Joe Le of Houston’s Aka Sushi House Mixes Up Asian Inspired HPNOTIQ Treats

Where are you from? Texas but originally from Vietnam.

Do you have a nickname when you’re behind the bar? Not that I know of but regulars have started calling me JoJo… especially after they’ve had a few too many. [laughs]

When and why did you get into Mixology? I have always been curious about bartending and being a bartender enables me to apply my curiosity creatively.

What cocktails are you best known for? My novelty shots and asian inspired cocktails.

What item can you not live without behind the bar and why? A channel knife, because I use a lot of fresh fruit and the channel knife enables me to cut them up properly.

What makes Aka different from other places? Aka loosely translated means red in Japanese and red to me signifies passion — that is what sets Aka Sushi House apart from other places, there is always an underlying passion in everything that we do… especially at the bar.

What is a good “insider tip” for someone who has never been to Aka? Come on Friday and Saturday nights, of course.

What is the craziest thing you have ever seen while being behind the bar? Too many to narrow down, but I am always amazed at how fun loving and free spirited my patrons are. I have, by far, the most uninhibited patrons in H-Town.  Continue reading

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HPNOTIQ Hotspot: Hollywood’s Playhouse Lives Up To It’s Name

If you’ve ever been to Hollywood, you’ve heard of Playhouse — if not because of the venerable buzz then definitely by the bustle of the line outside that can be seen on any typical night from Hollywood Blvd. But don’t let the line intimidate you, there’s a reason why the Los Angeles party elite don’t mind the wait.

Once past the velvet rope, guests enter over 13,000 square feet of pure bass-induced party — from table service and the usual celebrity sighting to hanging with some of Hollywood’s better looking gentry.

HPNOTIQ caught up with Steven Helmcamp, concierge of the notorious club, to talk about what gives Playhouse an edge over the usual Hollywood night out, how the good vibes within the club’s walls prompted Lil Wayne to surprise guests with an impromptu performance and how to make a girl feel special with Playhouse’s HPNOTIQ bachelorette packages.


Do you feel like Playhouse falls into the typical Hollywood party scene?

I think we’re different in the way that Hollywood is known for the glitz and the glam and who’s who, and we do have that aspect of it, but we’re different because we’re such a large club — we have 13,000 square feet, two stories. The headliner DJs are always in the downstairs main area which is just a big space with a lot of action going on. Then for a more exclusive feel is our VIP balcony room — it’s all red leather couches and VIP tables but what’s great is that even though it’s intimate the people getting bottle service are more likely to party with the table next to them since they’re so close. So you can have your own private party feel or be in the midst of it all.

And in terms of being in Hollywood, Playhouse is definitely among the more desirable clubs to go to because we have a great reputation in addition to having frequent celebrity appearances and record release parties. People hear about us hosting events like Chris Brown’s record release party and they’re sure to put Playhouse on the list of places they want to visit.

Continue reading

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HPNOTIQ Hotspot: The Roxy, A Girls Night Out on Rock ‘N Roll’s Big Street

Los Angeles may be synonymous with glitz and glam, which we know first hand from all of our Girls Nights Out while we were in town for Lucky Shops LA, but the City of Angels also has a hefty dose of Rock ‘N Roll — and no other place embodies that spirit better than The Roxy.

We got a chance to catch up with The Roxy’s social media rockstar, Tonya Cooke, to let us in on some of the appeal of “Rock ‘N Roll’s big street,” as well as talk about the new HPNOTIQ Bachelorette Party packages available at the club.

Tell me a little bit about the history of The Roxy and what makes it a Los Angeles staple?

The Roxy has been around since 1973 and it has housed some of the biggest musicians you’ve ever heard of. Artists would come here in the 70s and do week long residencies, so you’d have four nights with Neil Young or four nights with Bruce Springsteen and Elton John — all of these really huge acts at the top of their game, who would come and stay here for a week so people could see them four nights in a row if they wanted.

The Roxy is a really cool place because it has all these gigantic names associated with it but it still has a small venue setting. So you’re going to run into these crazy acts that would never play at a venue like this anywhere else but they opt to play here at The Roxy.

What makes The Roxy a great Girls Night Out destination?

All the hot guys that are going to show up! [laughs] I mean, it’s a good Girls Night Out destination because you’re on the Sunset Strip, around all of this Rock ‘N Roll history and there’s all of these rockstars left and right. You’re gonna see everybody hanging out at the Rainbow that’s in your favorite band and then you make your way in here and you can cozy up in a booth, see some great music and have a great night out on Rock ‘N Roll’s big street.

Describe the way The Roxy has been able to bring HPNOTIQ’s bachelorette and birthday packages, a traditionally girlie activity, into a space that is all about Rock ‘N Roll.

Well, the fact that you can get all froofy and wear boas is totally Rock ‘N Roll. There’s all different levels to the Rock ‘N Roll mentality and you can bring that into this space and still be really girly and celebrate your bachelorette or birthday party in this setting. And this is also a really great alternative to the usual strip club scenarion — it’s the party you wanna have without the raunchy. It’s really an experience that’s more special than just heading out to a bar because you can enjoy your favorite band, get all your girl’s together and have your own private booth in the middle of this historic venue.

Now we know what makes The Roxy special — what is On The Rox and how are the two spaces different?

Well, down here is where most of the big concerts are held and upstairs at On The Rox is a more intimate space with a bar and a small stage where we also have shows… but it’s more of our, um, VIP lounge.

So if you find yourself on Sunset Blvd., be sure to stop in for HPNOTIQ’s weekly party with Houndstooth Radio!

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HPNOTIQ Hotspot: 8eighty8 Brings South Beach to The OC

Orange County may not be the first place you think of when you’re looking for a night out at the club with your girls, but since September of last year 8eighty8 changed all that.

Adjacent to Ten Asian Bistro in Newport Beach, the owners of the restaurant expanded next door — opening an 8,500 square foot stark white nightclub in the space that used to be Red.

Lined with creamy white leather booths and the classic neon lights of any great nightclub, 8eighty8 boasts a good looking and friendly staff that accomodates in the VIP or on the outdoor patio area — and did we mention the light up LED dance floor and go-go dancers?

With DJ performances by Pauly D and Shwayze, 8eighty8 has made a serious name for themselves in the Orange County party circuit, fulfilling their promise to book A-list DJs and bring a taste of Hollywood-meets-South Beach to a neighborhood otherwise sparse of clubland.

So next time you don’t feel like taking the hour drive to Los Angeles, stop into 8eighty8 and let the bartender know we sent you — we promise that a Roq Candy martini is all the convincing you need! Check out the flyer for this Friday’s hot party after the jump…

Continue reading

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