DJ Kalkutta’s Top 10 Weekend Playlist

Headed out for the weekend? Tune into some tracks from DJ Kalkutta’s weekend playlist as you get ready to hit the town!

1. “Countdown” Beyoncé

The hardest working woman in showbiz is back with her 4th album much to the delight of her “stans”, and this is song another Beyoncé banger waiting to happen.  I love it when she talks about how hard her and Jay-Z ball.  If you also get a weird sense of joy from that then you will love this hard hitting song.

2. “Mr. Saxobeat” Alexandra Stan

As tends to happen with house music, this song blew up in Europe earlier this year and we are just now starting to obsess over it Stateside.  Alexandra Stan fills the void left by Crystal Waters these past 15 years.  If you’re a “Gypsy Woman” fan, then welcome to your new favorite song.

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Summer Brights For Hot Summer Nights

Despite all the chatter about the summer season coming to an end, the rising temperatures suggest that summer is still in full swing.  With summer fun-filled nights yet to be had, let’s get ready to party!

Ladies, grab your friends for a girls night out and hit the town in one of this season’s most coveted trends: neon brights.  What better way for you to stand out fabulously in a crowd than wearing vibrant colors of neon?  With electrifying blues and shocking pinks you’re guaranteed to light up the summer’s night. Continue reading

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HPNOTIQ Launches Exclusive E-Card Line on

Let your girlfriends know how you truly feel about them with one of HPNOTIQ’s exclusive E-cards.

Warm their heart while sharing a laugh. Check them out today!

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HPNOTIQ Launches HPNOTIQ Harmonies Radio on Pandora

HPNOTIQ is proud to announce the launch of our first ever HPNOTIQ Harmonies radio on Pandora! HPNOTIQ Harmonies is the ultimate addition to your Girls Night Out, featuring the hottest party tunes from some of your favorite artists, including Beyonce, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Katy Perry and more. Check it out today!

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HPNOTIQ Celebrates New BFF Harmonie in NYC with Khloé Kardashian

On Tuesday night, we celebrated the release of our newest partner in crime — HPNOTIQ Harmonie — at New York City’s newest hotspot, Ph-D at the Dream Downtown Hotel. The event was vibrant violet like you’ve never seen it before with signature Harmonie cocktails like Bubbles ‘N Berries, Purple Rain and Harmonie Blush, our delicious custom candy bar in shades of pink and purple, an amazing cupcake dress centerpiece and, of course, our host for the evening — the fabulous Khloé Kardashian Odom!

E! News was there to catch up with our hostess with the mostest about her favorite HPNOTIQ cocktails, why she doesn’t like the word “step-mom” and her plans for sister Kim’s bachelorette party!

Take a look at the photos from our big night out at!

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Cover Watch: Lindsay Lohan Goes Blank, Off-Broadway Pokes Fun

Lindsay Lohan is always at the center of some sort of controversy — between court dates and nights on the town. But no matter what, the starlet always manages to win us back in the pages of a magazine, and this month’s issue of Blank Magazine is no exception to that rule.

The cover is enough on its own — with Lindsay shamelessly noshing on a cheeseburger — to remind us that celebrity doesn’t change that she’s just a 24-year-old girl trying to have some fun.

But as far as entertainment factor goes, we all just can’t seem to keep our eyes of her, and now New York City playwright Ben Rimalower has brought her life to the off-Broadway stage with Project: Lohan.

Described as a “multi-media, gender-bending theatrical experience,” the show uses only published text from tabloids, magazines, entertainment TV and internet gossip sites. “From starlet to harlot, from hottie to hot mess, from fashion plate to prison inmate,” as press notes state, D’Arcy Drollinger depicts the star while joined by fellow celeb friends like Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Hillary Duff, Scarlett Johansson, Samantha Ronson and more!

To catch the tabloid stories of Lohan’s life recreated for the stage, you can check out Project: Lohan until May 8th at New York City’s La MaMa Theater. Let’s just hope Lindsay cleans up her act so she can cash in on that talent we know is hiding under her bad girl image, and maybe one day she’ll take to the Broadway stage herself.

Check out the full photo spread from Blank Magazine after the jump! Continue reading

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Cover Watch: Ashley Greene, Emma Stone & Freida Pinto as Glamour Covergirls

Glamour Magazine features three different covers for the month of May, showcasing Hollywood’s hottest young faces — Ashley Greene, Emma Stone and Freida Pinto. With a collection of fourteen movies released between the three of them this year, their peppy covers may not exude what kind of force they truly are.

Shot by fashion photog Matthias Vriens-McGrath, each spread pops with bright Spring and Summer colors and patterns as well as the classic whites of warmer weather. And although the photos are keeping the motif of light and bright, the actresses delve into serious issues concerning their careers within the pages of the magazine.

Ashley Greene, who is best recognized as Twilight‘s Alice Cullen, is sure to let Glamour’s readers know that she’s more than just one character and hopes to expand her image with taking on very different roles in the future… even if she has to wait.

“It is difficult because people look at you as that character. I want to play a role of a 24-year-old woman, not 17-year-old girls. So I have picked a couple of films like Butter to show that. And it’s perfectly fine not to do anything for a year if I don’t find the right thing,” says Greene.

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Week In Gossip: But Isn’t Kanye Famous For His Inappropriate Tweets

Kanye tweets about gold diggers and abortion, Lily Allen is not impressed. [Ok]

Ke$ha enlists unicorns and Dawson’s Creek for her usual music video shennanigans. [MTV]

Our favorite funny gal/alcoholic is getting a sitcom. Cheers! [Pop Eater]

James Franco and Anne Hathaway don’t get British humor. [Perez]

Michael Jackson’s kids want to be movie stars. [People]

Sexy Old Spice guy can date, well, just about anyone. And that anyone is… drum roll, please… Kathy Griffin? [Pop Eater]

Smoking while pregnant [TMZ], and now in a bikini on the cover of a tabloid. Gotta love those ‘Housewives’ [HuffPo]

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HPNOTIQ Hotpost: Get Frisky at Miami’s Arkadia

Miami Beach’s Fontainebleau has always been our go-to hotel when down in Miami… and if you’ve been keeping up on Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know that the HPNOTIQ team recently went down to The 305 to enjoy some fun in the sun!

And although the city has its share of shimmering beachside nightlife options, we didn’t have to travel far to find the pinnacle of all things Miami.

Arkadia, the newest addition to the nightlife scene at the Fountainbleu from the forces behind the award-winning LIV nightclub, has the intimate and sexy atmosphere synonymous with the city. Arkadia’s secret- stylish alcoves, designed by celebrated visionary Francois Frossard, keep guests visually entertained as they stroll about the indoor/outdoor lounge.  If you’re feeling a little frisky, you can lose your inhibitions over a Bubbles & Blue or bottle service.

Expect some of the world’s top house and open-format DJs spinning some of the city’s best parties and special events in this large candy-lit space on any night of the week.  And if you get hungry, don’t worry… the Fountainbleu has got you covered with almost a half a dozen restaurants within its walls. No wonder this hotel is every party girl’s dream!

Upcoming events you don’t want to miss are Tuesday Night Industry Night with a complimentary poolside BBQ, Subliminal + Friends Thursdays with DJs such as Erick Morillo, and Wet Kitty Sundays (poolside.) This Sunday’s Guest DJ… ROBBIE RIVERA!

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Week In Gossip: Spencer Pratt Thinks He’s A Rapper Now

Can Spencer Pratt please go away already!? [People]

American Idol gets awkward… [Perez]

You’d think keeping Jeremy Piven away from Miley Cyrus would be a good idea… [Us]

We’re loving Ashlee Simpson’s new look! [People]

Charlie Sheen is a hot mess, but we’ve known that for a while now, no? [E!]

A pregnant Rachel Zoe still craves low-calorie food. Puh-lease! [Us]

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