Kendra Scott Fashion’s Night Out Recap

My second stop for Fashion’s Night Out was at the newly opened Kendra Scott jewelry boutique, a quaint and sophisticated alternative to the madhouse of events on Rodeo Drive, despite being only a few yards away. The friendly, glowing staff greeted me in gorgeous jewel-toned draped dresses, while glittering jewelry sparkled at me from every angle.

Tray-passed flutes of HPNOTIQ Harmonie and champagne — aptly named Bubbles N’ Berries — were offered and as I gladly accepted I had chance to talk about spring trends with Terrell, a Kendra Scott sales associate. I learned that the purple Agate stone is a very popular choice in the store’s Color Bar, where you can create your own custom pieces.

While mingling with some of the other guests, I inquired about everyone’s ideal girl’s night out. The most popular answers were of course shopping, dancing and intimate dinner parties. Well ladies, the next time you host your girls for dinner, I highly suggest serving up Bubbles N’ Berries. Your friends will thank you. Continue reading

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Bartender Seth Walsh of Vegas’ Yellowtail

When and why did you get into mixology?

I started bartending about three years ago. I just love trying and creating new flavors and the fact that I get to smile and have fun for a living.


What would you tell someone who has never been to Yellowtail before?

Embrace the energy, have fun with it and, “Here try this!”


What do you love about working behind the bar?

I’m a mood director.


What sets original Hpnotiq and Hpnotiq Harmonie apart from the rest of the cocktail world?

They say you should always wear one piece of clothing that is a conversation starter, but you should really just order a Hpnotiq cocktail. It’s definitely a conversation starting drink! Continue reading

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Hotspots: LaSalle Power Company in Chicago

If you’re undecided about where to plan your next girl’s night out or bachelorette party then you might want to consider LaSalle Power Company.

Located on the historic LaSalle Boulevard in Chicago, LPC offers the ultimate nightlife experience to locals and tourists alike. We caught up with owner Joey Vartanian to learn a little about what patrons can expect during a night at LPC and why locals should consider booking a party here in the near future. Continue reading


I’m With the DJ: DJ Rachael

HPNOTIQ recently caught up with Atlanta DJ Rachael to talk music, partying and the joys of living in Atlanta.


Weekly residencies: None at the moment but I guest DJ at some of the following hot spots: Halo Lounge (Atlanta), W Hotel Atlanta & San Francisco, Bliss Bar (San Francisco)


What makes for a good DJ?

A good DJ is doing more than just mixing and rocking a dance floor, they are making selections that tell a story and create an experience.


What is one of your fondest memories behind the 1s and 2s?

Opening up for one of the lady deejays that inspired me, DJ Colette, at my favorite club in Atlanta, Eleven50.


What other DJs would you love to work with and why?

I’d love to work with my friend and icon, Mark Farina. He mixes the best House music, rocks every dance floor and then transitions to smoky textured down-tempo through his famous Mushroom Jazz compilations. He’s always perfecting the balance and vibe. Continue reading

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Brandi Glanville Celebrates Being Single & Fabulous With Harmonie

Brandi Glanville – the sexy ex-wife of Eddie Cibrian and bombshell addition to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills — celebrated her newfound singleness at TAO Beach in Vegas this weekend.

Glanville posed for photos on the red carpet in a sexy Harmonie-inspired cover up. The mother of two put young women to shame when she flaunted her sexy beach bod in a teeny-weeny white bikini, while dancing with her girlfriends around the grand cabana.

Glanville and her friends toasted to being single and fabulous with Harmonie shots and was later surprised with a cake by Gimme Some Sugar.

Stay tuned for our exclusive video interview with the new reality star!






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Hpnotiq Launches First Ever Mixology Videos

Whether you’re out at happy hour or a girl’s night out with the gals, HPNOTIQ cocktails are perfect for any occasion. That’s why we’ve put together a series of mixology videos to show you just how versatile our drinks can be. This week, we’re debuting our happy hour episode, featuring our HPNOTIQ ladies Dominique, Maria, Kate and Serena. Check out more HPNOTIQ videos on our YouTube channel!

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Photos: MediaMusicBuzz Summer Series Event

It’s safe to say, last week’s MediaMusicBuzz event at RdV turned out to be a huge success.

If you weren’t able to make it out to the Meatpacking District Thursday night, then take a look at our photos from the fun-filled night on Facebook.

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Hpnotiq Gets Up Close and Personal With the Ladies of Downtown Diaries & Poison Ivy

Last night, bloggers from all over the city made their way to the Meatpacking District for HPNOTIQ and RdV’s “MusicMediaBuzz” summer series, hosted by Kristina Marino and Natalie Zfat of Downtown Diaries and Poison Ivy.

Harmonie specialty cocktails flowed freely, while nearly 200 bloggers mingled and munched on snacks from Harmonie’s candy bar. Later in the evening, guests rocked out to a live performance from Pete Wentz and The Black Cards.

During all the excitement, HPNOTIQ got a chance to chat with the hostesses of the evening about how they created their blogs, how they manage to balance work life and a personal site and what advice they have for up-and-coming bloggers.

How did you two gals meet?

KM: We met backstage at a Semi Precious Weapons concert about three years ago. It was for the launch of Justin Tranter’s Fetty line.


How did you guys come about creating your blogs?

KM: We met backstage, I didn’t have a blog at the time, but Natalie had hers. About a year later, we ran into each other again and I told her, “I think I’m going to start a blog” and she told me I should totally do it. And so I did.

NZ: I started my blog in January 2009 because I thought there was a niche to be filled for New York events and I love sort of finding a cool way to cover a party that really doesn’t happen in a Gate Crasher or Page Six; in more of a humanized way.

Continue reading

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Harmonie Joins PYNK Magazine & LyraLoveStar for a “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Harmonie joined the ladies of PYNK magazine and designer Crystal Street, of LyraLoveStar, for a “Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Foley + Corinna boutique in Soho.

Street and Style Network’s Julissa Bermudez hosted the event, which featured close to 150 of New York City’s tastemakers and influencers and media from BET, Bleu magazine, Vibe magazine and Style Network.

Attendees sipped on Harmonie Purple Rain cocktails while getting complimentary Ginger + Liz manicures. LyraLoveStar’s upcoming line was also on display throughout the store for guests to preview. Check out photos from the event below!

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HPNOTIQ Launches HPNOTIQ Harmonies Radio on Pandora

HPNOTIQ is proud to announce the launch of our first ever HPNOTIQ Harmonies radio on Pandora! HPNOTIQ Harmonies is the ultimate addition to your Girls Night Out, featuring the hottest party tunes from some of your favorite artists, including Beyonce, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, Katy Perry and more. Check it out today!

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