Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (and possibly her)

Just when we thought that the gift-giving season was over, here comes Valentine’s Day– as if we’re still not recovering from all the Christmas spending.  Don’t worry there’s still time, but now is a good idea to start thinking of gift ideas for the guy in your life.  Yes, guy.  Despite Valentine’s Day being marketed towards women, it’s a day to express you love and adoration for that special guy as well.  Not sure what to get him?  Try shopping for 2-in1 and/or unisex gifts you both can enjoy.  Here are 5 simple Valentine Day gifts ideas.


Reservations at a new restaurant:  Take the pressure off your guy this year, take charge and make reservations at a new restaurant you both have been dying to try. Don’t forget the wine and dessert!  Head over to and make those reservations! Continue reading

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7 Guys You Should Never Date

You may think that your new guy is flawless, as love can blind even the smartest women. But sadly, no one is perfect. While there are amazing men out there to date, there are certain types to avoid all together.


Mama’s Boy: Of course you want your man to love and cherish his darling mother, but not live in her basement, eat her groceries and nap all day while she cleans his room.  A guy who still sleeps on his childhood twin bed covered in Star Wars sheets is a big no-no. Continue reading

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6 Fun (and Low-Cost) Date Ideas for the Winter Season

Now that the hectic holiday season is over, we’ve still got a few months of bitter chill to make it through before the spring arrives.  Plan a few of these winter dates with your new crush or boyfriend to heat up the long, cold winter. Continue reading

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Top 10 Celebrity Hook Ups & Break Ups of 2011

Celebrity romances come and go like fashions trends.  And some won’t even last as long as the past few seasons of leggings (seriously, when will these go away?). 2011 brought many new relationships and ended some long-standing romances. Let’s take a look back at this past years heartbreaks and newfound loves.

The Destined to Fail Break Ups:

Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries - Their whirl-wind courtship, quick engagement, over-the-top wedding and short-lived marriage left all of us scratching our heads. Continue reading

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Be Single (and Happy) on New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve’s is filled with champagne toasts, resolutions and romance. Or is it just a night like any other with high expectations leading the way for disappointments?  If you’re a single lady when ringing in 2012, don’t fret! There are ways to enjoy your night as the ball drops without a kiss from Mr. Right.

Host a Girls’ Night In. Invite all of your girlfriends over for a night of Harmonie cocktails, junk food and chick flicks. Get tipsy, indulge in calories before your January 1st cleanse and laugh the evening away with your favorite women. Continue reading

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How to Ask HIM Out!

Let’s be real ladies, it’s 2011. Women are CEOs, surgeons, and Hollywood film directors. With all of this career success, why is it that we can’t take charge of our own love lives?  Sure, it feels great to be pursued by your crush, but if he isn’t making the moves, why can’t you? Here’s how to turn the tables and ask him out. Continue reading

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How to Survive Your First Holiday as a Couple

Meeting his family for the first time during the holiday season can be nerve racking.  Will they like you – will you like them?  Will you make a good impression, as the beautiful, intelligent, and funny girlfriend?  Or will you embarrass yourself (and your man) with a mishap in the kitchen in front of his mother?  During your inaugural holiday feast as a couple, follow these steps of survival. Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Stay Single During the Holidays

The holiday season in New York City is unlike anywhere else in the world. From beautifully decorated department store windows, to the giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, walking hand-in-hand with your love makes any city girl feel like she’s featured on the cover of a greeting card.

Yet, when you leave the winter wonderland fantasy for family visits in the burbs or office holiday parties lacking cheer (and strong alcohol), being single during the holidays has more benefits than you may have thought. Continue reading

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10 Reasons Not To Marry Her

The recently married — and divorced — Kim Kardashian may not be the only victim in this reality TV scandal.  Chances are Kris Humphries, her newly single ex-hubby, married her for the wrong reasons. We’ve all got guy friends who fall under the spell of the wrong woman. So how do we help our helpless dudes from falling into this trap?  Share these reasons not to marry her.

No. 1 She’s Good in Bed

Just because she is the best you’ve had (or has a wildly successful sex tape, like Kim K.) sexual chemistry doesn’t mean you’ll have a lifetime of happiness together.  A relationship needs more than compatibility under the sheets to last. Continue reading

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10 Reasons Not to Marry Him

As we’ve all learned, a two night wedding special on E! does not guarantee that your marriage is meant to last much longer than a few months (or if you’re Kim Kardashian, 72 days to be exact). You should never consider getting married unless you’re more than 100 percent sure it’s the right person and the right time. Unfortunately, Kim K. failed to realize this when it was too late, but you don’t! Remember these ten reasons not to say “I do.” Continue reading

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