How to Escape a Bad Date

He’s rude, annoying, pretentious — and you haven’t even ordered a glass of wine, yet.  The next time you’re out with Mr. Wrong, use one of these evening-ending strategies to get your booty out of there.

Mr. Feelin’-Himself

This guy has been following you around the gym for weeks. He’s always offering to spot you, so he can sneak a few glances down your shirt. Finally, you give in and go out on a date with him to get him off your back. After a few drinks you start dancing, and he begins rubbing up against you like an animal in heat. It’s going to take more than a polite dismissal at the end of the night to convince Mr. Aggressive that his eager-beaver attitude isn’t working for you; you can’t be subtle with men who have major egos. Bring up a topic that will turn off his sexual advances like, “I’m just dying to get married and have a baby like all of my friends!” or “Buy me another drink. Alcohol helps clear up yeast infections.” Continue reading

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7 Reasons to Date a Younger Man

Cougars are so hot right now. Beautiful, sexy, successful women all over the country are dating significantly younger men (Hello, Demi and Ashton).

Although there have been recent reports that couple are headed towards a split, we can’t blame Demi from trying. There’s plenty of perks to being with a younger man — even if commitment isn’t one of them.

More Energy. Generally, younger guys have more energy and enthusiasm than their older counterparts. That means they’ll usually be happy to try new restaurants or attend late night events as your plus one, they’ll expend energy doing things to impress you, and they won’t necessarily be as quick to complain as older guys might. Continue reading

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Top 10 Lies Men Tell Women

We all know we’ve told a few white lies here and there when in a relationship.  Heck, there are even common lies women tell men, but, it’s also no secret that men have told us tall tales, and many of these lies are oh-so-common.

1. “I’ll call you tomorrow” – If a first date just didn’t seem to produce heart-throbbing fireworks, he’s not going to call you back. Ever. Seriously. And trust me, it’s okay!  Stop wasting time replaying everything he said in your mind and don’t call your BFF to help you decide what Carrie Bradshaw’s advice would be. Just move on. Continue reading

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Jane Seymour and Kellan Lutz on True Love at the Love, Wedding, Marriage Premiere

As someone who married her Mr Right within six weeks of their first date, I suppose one could say I have a lot to say on the subject of “love at first sight” and “hopeless romantics.” The thing is, whilst I am and was both of those things, I had to become very bitter and cynical first.

Let’s put it this way — there were a lot Mr. Wrongs. A lot. And it wasn’t until I banished all silly epic movie notions of romance for a Mr. Right Now, that it all fell into place, and an epic romance was born.

People scoff when I tell them I loved my husband instantly (he’s fondly known as Mr. Style on the interwebs so I’ll continue the tradition here) but our first date lasted seven hours. It began with a lunch, followed by a drive to the beach for a drink. Within a week we were effectively living together and within six weeks we were in Las Vegas getting hitched. Four years later, we’re in marital bliss. Easy, no? Not really — relationships take work, commitment and a whole lotta love.

Candice Crane, one of the co-writers of Love, Wedding, Marriage, was keen to point out to us on the red carpet of Tuesday night’s premiere that “the key to a great relationship is commitment and work” — thoughts echoed by the premise of the film and one of the film’s stars, Jane Seymour, a fellow self-confessed “speed marrier” (her words not mine).

When asked what makes a successful relationship, Jane had this piece of wisdom — “having an open heart and being able to understand that relationships aren’t always perfect, that you will say and do things, as will other people, that will maybe be hurtful or bad choices. If you can accept it and be open and move forward you can actually have a real relationship.”

I would be inclined to agree. As for Kellan Lutz, he’s a little more simple. Ladies, he’s just looking for a girl who can sing.

– Kelsi Smith

Kelsi Smith is a fashion writer who lives and “works” in Los Angeles with her husband and two cats “Frankie and the Fat One.” Most days you can find her at Dedicated Follower of Fashion or corralling other fashion bloggers at Two Point Oh! LA but you can always find her on Twitter where she boasts almost 30,000 tweets. Clearly she has a lot to say.

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Ladies We Love: The Lyrical Stylings of Wynter Gordon

For years, the music industry has been taking a turn to meld many genres into one– fusing dance tracks with pop hooks, rock guitar melodies and soft R&B vocals that nobody’s like button can escape.

And at the helm of this transition are many a newcomer-gone-sensation like Ke$ha and Uffie, but with danceable music topping the charts comes a lyrical dilemma… what’s more important– the message or the beat?

Luckily, there’s Wynter Gordon. You may know her from last year’s huge club hit “Dirty Talk,” as well as “Toyfriend” from David Guetta’s One Love, but Wynter has more songwriting chops than your usual I-just-wanna-dance-and-makeout electro pop princess.

Starting her career writing songs for stars such as Mary J. Blige, Danity Kane and laying down tracks for Flo Rida, it was only a matter of time until Wynter Gordon put together an album of her own. And come March, we’re excited to see the release of With the Music I Die, Gordon’s first studio album.

But don’t expect a dozen tracks driven strictly by dance beats, as Wynter has promised a vocally focused release with what we can only assume will be a healthy dose of girl power and sex appeal. And with credits on Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming album, Love?, in addition to penning new work for Estelle and Leighton Meester’s foray into the realm of music, I can guarantee that we’ll be seeing the name Wynter Gordon for a long time to come!

Check out the video for her first single, “Dirty Talk,” off of With the Music I Die after the jump…

Continue reading

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HPNOTIQ Supports the Eye Care For Kids Foundation in Houston

Last week, HPNOTIQ partnered up with the third annual Cosmos & Cosmetics to throw a benefit for the Eye Care for Kids Foundation at Saks Fifth Avenue in Houston. The charity organization is committed to providing free eye examinations and eyewear for low-income and uninsured children in the greater Houston area.

Guests were treated to makeovers by Trish McAvoy makeup artists while sipping on our signature Bubbles ‘N Blue cocktails all while supporting a wonderful cause. Check out the video below for a look inside the event!

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Retail Therapy: Treat Yourself To A Sparkly Valentine’s Treat

Don’t wait for him to surprise you on Valentine’s Day! Treat yourself to a sparkly treat from one of our favorite New York-based jewelry designers… for 40% off!

With previous collections inspired by the traveling circus shows of the 1920s, as well as iconic French sex symbol Brigitte Bardot, Samantha House‘s unique jewelry is the perfect combination of vintage romanticism and edgy charm. This young designer’s bold creations can be found in chi-chi stores such as Henri Bendel, Barney’s, Fred Segal, as well as Intermix nationwide.

Check out the beautiful stone creations over at the Samantha House online store, and enter discount code “LOVE” to save 40% off these eye-catching designs at checkout, now until February 14th!

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Girly Gadgets: Are You A Facebook Stalker?

Maybe it’s time you blocked your ex with the genius Ex-Blocker!

Via HowAboutWe:

Tired of spending long, sleepless nights google searching your ex, or WORSE, google IMAGE searching your ex’s new partner? This genius plug-in can help.

Do any of these traits symptoms sound familiar?

1. You have figured out a way to go to his/her website without your location/ISP being registered on their statcounter.

2. You carefully analyze his Twitter Feed. If he responded to someone’s tweet, you search through that person’s feed to find what he’s responding to.

3. You have a google alert on her.

4. Did your ex’s new girlfriend sign up for a GoodReads, Youtube, or Livejournal back in, like, 2005? You are well-aware of it.

5. You compulsively check and see who’s “liked” or commented on any of his or her blog or facebook posts. And then you stalk them, too.

If you do ANY of those things, you should probably look into an Ex-Blocker.

Basically, all you do is pick your browser, fill out your ex’s name, blog, twitter handle, and blog url, and, BAM, your ex is blocked. Think of all the time you’ll save not stalking him/her! You’ll be able to get 8 hours of sleep at night! You can start going to the gym again! Maybe even go on some dates with new people!

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‘Tis The Season for Love: Great Holiday Date Ideas

The holidays are a perfect time for romance– sitting by the fireplace, trying to stay warm… well, you get the idea. And since we’re all about the love here at HPNOTIQ, we’ve put together a list of dates to go on with that special someone!

One of the cutest ways to spend time with the apple of your eye during the holidays is much like the way most of you spent the quickly approaching last days of the year with your family– driving around looking at Christmas decorations. Ok yes, this may sound a little cheesy but it’s the time of year to celebrate your inner child. Pretty much every town has that special street of residents that try to outdo one another, and a little bit of internet research will take you there. You’ll be surprised as to how romantic a slow drive in the frosty cold night can get!

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