LauraDenver’s HPNOTIQ Girl In The Street! Handling all things Girls Night Out, from planning all the fun HPNOTIQ events to promoting the city’s various hotspots. She’ll be your go-to gal pal for ideas on how to throw your own ladies night, make delicious drinks, and where to find special events at local bars, boutiques, and salons.

What is the perfect Girls Night Out outfit?
I’m all about comfort and style when I’m going out with the girls.  My perfect outfit is a pair of skinny jeans and a fabulous top paired with some killer high heels.



What do you love about your city?
The best part about Denver is the people; everyone is super friendly and very active. It’s a great place to go trail running or hiking. The changing seasons also provide a lot of variety, so nobody is ever bored around here.

Favorite hangouts (stores, shops, parts of town, etc):
A girl has to eat, right?  I absolutely love hanging out at any and every local restaurant, especially those that have an ethnic twist like Jerusalem.  I also love the new Belmar area just west of downtown; it’s fun just to walk around the area and window shop at all the fun boutiques.

What is your favorite HPNOTIQ cocktail?
The Hpnotiq Heart Breaker is my favorite! Hpnotiq and White Cranberry juice is yummy.

How do you Live Louder on a day to day basis?
I Live Louder in the gym.  I think that physical fitness plays an important role in giving me the mental focus and confidence to take on any challenge. It constantly reminds me that I’m stronger than I think and gives me the energy to push through obstacles and reach my other goals.

If you had to choose between a great pair of heels, a classic little black dress or the perfect shade of lipstick, what would you choose and why?
While I love the classic little black dress, nothing beats a great pair of heels.  I feel like accessories — more than an actual outfit — show off a girl’s true personality.

What song always gets you ready for a night on the town?
It’s a dirty confession, but I’m a huge Christiana Aguilera fan and her song, “Dirty” makes me want to get up and dance around.  It totally gets me in the mood for a night out!

What is the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
It’s rumored that males outnumber females in the Denver area, so I’ve had a chance to hear a few creative lines, but I wish they’d say them out loud to themselves before trying it in the bars.  The worst pick-up line ever would have to be: “You look like a Cat in the Hat, if you want, I’ll be your Dr. Seuss.” I’m wasn’t even sure what that meant and I couldn’t tell if the guy was hitting on me or suggesting that I should re-evaluate my outfit selection.

What is the most memorable night you’ve had with your girls?
Acapulco, Mexico — need I say more?  Three of my best friends and I showed up on a Monday night and did some bar hopping. I can’t seem to recall everything that took place, but it must have been memorable for everyone else, because for the rest of the week everyone would yell out, “Colorado” when we walked by.

Which HPNOTIQ cocktail are you most like — the classic Bubbles ‘N Blue, the sassy Hpnorita or the flirty Roq Candy Martini?
It’s so hard to choose, but I’ll go with the sassy Hpnorita.  I love tequila and have a secret weakness for Latinos.  I also have a lot of fun practicing the espanol I’ve learned from my many travels abroad.

What’s your ultimate girls night out?
Getting ready with all of my best girlfriends, going out to a nice dinner, and heading to the best salsa club in town for a night full of dancing!


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