Chicago’s HPNOTIQ Girl In The Street! Handling all things Girls Night Out, from planning all the fun HPNOTIQ events to promoting the city’s various hotspots. She’ll be your go-to gal pal for ideas on how to throw your own ladies night, make delicious drinks, and where to find special events at local bars, boutiques, and salons.

What is the perfect Girls Night Out outfit?
I like to go for a great pair of jeans with a dressy top, heels and accessories.

What do you love about your city?
I love the variety and the fact that you can never get bored in this town. Between the nightlife, amazing restaurants, museums, shops, sporting events and the beach in the summer, there’s always something to do!

Favorite hangouts (stores, shops, parts of town, etc.):
You can find me at most of the local rooftop bars, coffee shops and sporting events. I also love working out at HiFi & Flirty Girl Fitness.

What is your favorite HPNOTIQ cocktail?
I absolutely love CoCo Berry.

How do you Live Louder on a day-to-day basis?
I try to be fearless and act as a source of strength to the people around me.

If you had to choose between a great pair of heels, a classic little black dress or the perfect shade of lipstick, what would you choose and why?
I would choose a classic black dress because you can never go wrong that.

What song always gets you ready for a night on the town?
I love “Memories” by David Guetta.

What is the most memorable night you’ve had with your girls?
Just recently for my 30th Birthday, I went to a Cinco de Mayo fiesta at Mercadito, Paris Club and Cuvee with my closest girlfriends.

Which HPNOTIQ cocktail are you most like—the classic Bubble’s ‘N Blue, the sassy Hpnorita or the flirty Roq Candy Martini? Why?
Bubbles ‘N Blue because I’m classy and fun!

What’s your ultimate girls night out?
The best bars, music and cocktails with my best friends.

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