Behind the Bar: Arturo Huerta of Amerigo’s Grille

Meet bartender Arturo Huerta of Texas’ Amerigo’s Grille.

When and why did you get into mixology?

I started back in 2005 because I heard it was good money. I also like how social the job is and I always loved making drinks.


Tell me a bit about your bar. What would you tell someone who has never been here before?

It is a fine dining Italian restaurant. It is the new restaurant version of Cheers.


What do you love about working behind the bar?

Making friends!


What sets HPNOTIQ apart from the rest of the cocktail world?

It is a drink that everyone loves.


Tell us about your specialty HPNOTIQ cocktail. What occasion is it perfect for?

I call it the “Perfect Flower” – Harmonie, Champagne, and Orgeat Syrup. It’s then garnished with a candied flower to float in the champagne flute. It’s perfect for ever occasion!


What’s the best/worst pick-up line you’ve heard at the bar?

One of the worst ones I’ve used is, “Hello my name is Art!”


What advice do you have for someone trying to approach someone at a bar?

Just be real, talk to her, and don’t say something stupid.


What is one thing behind the bar that you cannot live without? Why?

My shaker, of course! 

To learn more about Amerigo’s Grille visit their website and Facebook page.

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