Birthday Boy Markus Molinari: “I Love That The New HPNOTIQ Is Violet!”

On May 20th, jewelry designer and celebutante Markus Molinari celebrated his 30th birthday at Los Angeles hotspot, Vouyer, with some of his closest friends — including Adam Lambert, Ryan Cabrera and actress Shannon Woodward.

HPNOTIQ provided specialty Harmonie cocktails to go with the overall purple theme of the birthday bash and launch party for the newest J. Molinari collection, as guests enjoyed live performances from Christian TV and more!

Our girl Kelsi Smith was there to join in all the fun and talk to the birthday boy himself about his favorite style icons, how to pick out the perfect outfit for a party and, of course, his favorite color — purple!

Check out the interview below and more photos over on the HPNOTIQ Facebook page!


Kelsi Smith: Happy Birthday Markus! Do you have any birthday wishes?

Markus Molinari: I have a few but those are secret. If you tell them they won’t come true.


KS: So since I’m a fashion writer and you’re a man of style, I’d love to know what you would say the biggest trend for Spring/Summer is?

MM: I think it’s important to do color. A lot of color, and purple’s been my favorite.


KS: That’s a really good answer, considering HPNOTIQ’s Harmonie is the perfect shade of purple — how do feel about violet in particular?

MM: LOVE violet. I love that the new HPNOTIQ is violet. It’s the theme of my whole birthday party. I actually ordered purple cupcakes.


KS: See, this is why you’re the style savant. You know exactly what you’re doing.

MM: Yes. I foresaw.


KS: Do you have any styling tips for events like this?

MM: For a birthday event, I would just say dressy/casual. Feel good, always, if you don’t feel good about your outfit it’s going to show through. Like tonight I had flashier jackets but this was what I was comfy in.


KS: And you made it flashy with your purple bow tie! Who’s your favorite designer right now?

MM: I’m really upset about Galliano.


KS: I am too. I know it’s not PC to be upset about it, but I am.

MM: It’s not. But he’s such a talent. For men I’ve always loved Neil Barrett, for women, Gianbaptista Valli and Chanel anything, always. Karl is so smart, I’ve met him a few times. I’m a fan of smart people.


KS: So last question. If you could dress anyone, living or dead. Who would it be?

MM: Isabella Blow.


KS: Nice work. You’re a man after my own heart.

MM: I loved her. I almost said Daphne Guinness, but you said living or dead and Daphne does so well on her own. I just want to go through Isabella’s closet, I want that “Blow” hat, the “Lobster” hat. I’ve been a fan for many many years.

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