Cover Watch: Funny Girl Tina Fey on InStyle’s Color Issue Cover

There may have been a bit of a Photoshop mishap on the cover of next month’s issue of InStyle, but (missing torso and all) we’re happy to see our favorite funny girl gracing the cover of yet another fashion mag.

Recently celebrating the wrap of 30 Rock’s 100th episode, which will air on April 21st, Tina Fey quipped that another 100 episodes of the show and her and her fellow castmates “would drop dead.”

“It’s ironic that Liz Lemon is supposed to look kind of bedraggled,” Fey admits in the pages of InStyle, “She looks way more pulled together than I would if I were going to write for the show. I wouldn’t wear a blazer – I’d wear a sweat jacket.”

And although the comedienne may poke fun at her appearance, the inside pages of the magazine beg to differ.

Dressed impeccably chic in designers such as Jason Wu, Fey encompasses the the balance of power between intelligent and sexy gracefully– but that doesn’t mean she always wear the high-power hat at home. When asked who the boss of her is, Tina replied fankly, “My daughter.”

“Kids are definitely the boss of you. Anyone who will barge into the room while you are on the commode is the boss of you. And when you explain to them that you’re on the commode and that they should leave but they don’t? That’s a high-level boss.”

Looks like hit TV show and all, motherhood still takes its joyous toll– luckily Fey is equipped with the sense of humor to handle it. Check out more photos from the shoot after the jump!

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