Cover Watch: Lindsay Lohan Goes Blank, Off-Broadway Pokes Fun

Lindsay Lohan is always at the center of some sort of controversy — between court dates and nights on the town. But no matter what, the starlet always manages to win us back in the pages of a magazine, and this month’s issue of Blank Magazine is no exception to that rule.

The cover is enough on its own — with Lindsay shamelessly noshing on a cheeseburger — to remind us that celebrity doesn’t change that she’s just a 24-year-old girl trying to have some fun.

But as far as entertainment factor goes, we all just can’t seem to keep our eyes of her, and now New York City playwright Ben Rimalower has brought her life to the off-Broadway stage with Project: Lohan.

Described as a “multi-media, gender-bending theatrical experience,” the show uses only published text from tabloids, magazines, entertainment TV and internet gossip sites. “From starlet to harlot, from hottie to hot mess, from fashion plate to prison inmate,” as press notes state, D’Arcy Drollinger depicts the star while joined by fellow celeb friends like Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, Hillary Duff, Scarlett Johansson, Samantha Ronson and more!

To catch the tabloid stories of Lohan’s life recreated for the stage, you can check out Project: Lohan until May 8th at New York City’s La MaMa Theater. Let’s just hope Lindsay cleans up her act so she can cash in on that talent we know is hiding under her bad girl image, and maybe one day she’ll take to the Broadway stage herself.

Check out the full photo spread from Blank Magazine after the jump!

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