Legendary Stylist Frédéric Fekkai Talks Fall Hair

At last month’s Beauty Social at the Frédéric Fekkai Salon in Los Angeles, HPNOTIQ got a chance to catch up with the legendary hair stylist himself– whose celebrity clientele includes the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Sharon Stone, and Heidi Klum. We asked Fekkai about some of the hottest hairstyles for fall, as well as how to manage hair of all different lengths, textures, and colors.

(L) Long Textured Hair on L.A.M.B. Fall 2010 Runway (M) Olivia Palermo's Gorgeous Transition to Chestnut (R) Sleek and Tied Back at DKNY

What are the Top 5 Fab Fall Hair trends?

1. “Women are requesting less contrast color, more solid color.” Ditch those highlights and two-toned looks for a more sleek and classic look for fall. Warm hues like chestnut vamp up dull brown hair for colder months.

2. “Layers aren’t as popular.” The days of the Rachel cut are long gone! Update your hairstyle with long sharp lines as seen on the runways of DKNY and L.A.M.B.

3. “Textured hair.” Don’t be afraid of your natural texture– throw that straightener away and embrace what your mama gave you. Professional Tip: Let your style set while doing your makeup– twist or braid hair loosely to get manageable curls or pin down bangs for the perfect side swipe. Add a little product on your way out the door.

(L) Ready To Go Hair on Marc Jacobs Fall 2010 Runway (R) Mad Men Star Christina Hendricks Bringing Red Back

4. “Easy to manage hair, just wash and go!” A little bed head goes a long way… take it from the girls on the Marc Jacobs runway. There’s nothing sexier than a girl who looks effortlessly chic, and a little bit of messiness in the ‘do is the best way to look cute and care-free.

5. “Red is back!” We may have Mad Men’s sexy Christina Hendricks to thank for this one, along with the return of curves. Blondes who think they have more fun might have met their match this season with these sultry locks. Brunettes, talk to your colorist about deep reds like auburn for Autumn!

What products should every girl have on hand?

Frédéric Fekkai Glossing Creme, Sheer Hold Hairspray, Flat Classic Fekkai Brush

What tools and tips do you recommend for girls with all different hair types– from long to short, straight to curly?

For long hair, shiny hair is key. To achieve the look use Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. For short, I’d say it’s all about texture. Coiff Nonchalant Piecing and Forming Wax works here using finishing products on wet and/or dry hair. Less heat, more air dry!

On curly hair, use the Essential Shea line. It’s important not to wash hair everyday and layer Shea product daily. For loose waves, our Luscious Curls Line is best. Add texture to waves with the blow dryer on low heat. Straight hair could always use a bit more volume which can be achieved with Full Blown Volume Shampoo. Don’t over shampoo hair which will create dryness. Use Coiff Bouffant Lifting and Texture Gel to finish.

Finally, damaged hair needs our Protein RX Line and treat hair one to two times a week with RX Anti Breakage Treatment Mask.

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