5 Shoe Styles You Should Never Wear on a First Date

He finally asked you out, now what?! It’s time to figure out what you will wear on your first date. Although we would like to believe that most guys pay no attention to what we are wearing, there are a few who actually take notes. You definitely don’t want to make the mistake of turning off your crush on the first date by wearing overly suggestive garments or shoes he might find hideous. Always opt for simple, classic shoe options.  Here are five shoe styles you might want to stay away from on the first date.


Intense Platforms – Just to be precise, exaggerated platforms…borderline hooker heels. Now a days, there’s no escaping a shoe with a platform, in fact they assist in making some shoe styles more comfortable, but all platforms aren’t created equal. There are a few that lack the sophistication you might want to convey on a first date. For example, clear-heeled platforms might have your date thinking you moonlight as a poll dancer name Candy on the weekends.

Over the knee flat boots – Yes, we love the edgy style and while they maybe fashion-forward yet comfortable, many guys just cannot grasp the need to wear Wonder Woman-esque footwear when it’s not Halloween s stay away from costume driven footwear.


Over-The-Top Wedges – The fashion gods and goddesses have stressed the need to have wedges in your wardrobe. They not only give you the height you get when wearing sky high stilettos, but they are great for long hours standing, or at least some of them.  But again, here’s a shoe most men hate and deem to be unattractive, so skip this shoe style and opt for something a little more guy friendly like simple pumps.


Athletic sneakers – Unless he told you he was taking you to play tennis or some form of sport activity, definitely leave the athletic sneakers in the closet. Although sneaker styles have come a long way with more polished styles, it’s best to not wear them. You don’t want your date to think you didn’t put any thought or effort into your look and you don’t want to appear lazy so save the kicks for a sporty and casual date.


Uggs – There is absolutely NO reason anyone should be wearing the classic sheepskin boot style on a first date or any Eskimo looking winter boot for that matter! It’s completely out of the question. There are plenty of date-worthy winter boot options that will keep your feet warm and not have your date running from your elephant feet.

Misha is a fashion devotee who spends her days trekking into Manhattan putting in long hours in the showroom of a major fashion label. She’s a lover of great personal style. She has spent many of her days studying the business of the fashion world. She also passionately spends her nights moonlighting as a fashion/lifestyle blogger on www.thefabchick.com, which gives her an outlet to express her subjective views on fashion, style and all things considered fabulous in her world.

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