Blogger Spotlight: Fashion as Identity’s Wendy Bendoni

Hpnotiq recently caught up with Fashion as Identity creator Wendy Bendoni to talk about her free-spirit style, holiday trends and Tom Ford.

How would you describe your fashion inspiration?

My fashion inspiration is free-spirit. I like to wear whatever I want to wear, but I think my strongest thing is having something unique and something that’s local. I’m very locally driven — whether it’s LA or local NY.


Any favorite shows you like to shop at or stores you want to shout out?

Designer Joe Brown, as far as his jewelry brand, and locally I’m very Lisa Klein driven. She’s a friend of mine and she’s an LA girl that opened up a great store in regards to curation of LA fashion.


What are you wearing to the Snowball gala?

Tonight I’m wearing my Sole Society shoes now, which are fabulous — they’re hot pink and I’m also wearing a Michael Kors dress overlaid with a DKNY coat and boa feathers. Hopefully pink feathers, pink is my little accent.


How do you live louder on a daily basis?

I don’t take life too seriously. I’m very much about enjoying every minute. One trait of mine is my smile and my laugh, I think that embraces who I am, so I think that would be my number one thing.


What’s your favorite or least favorite holiday trend?

Probably the traditional red plaid skirts is my number one least favorite holiday trend, and UGG boots would somehow make it into the whole thing. I think one of my favorite things is being able to dress up, we never really get to dress up, so it’s always fun.


What’s on the top of you holiday wish-list?

Tom Ford sling back shoes, please?


Check out Wendy’s fashion blog Fashion as Identity and follow her on Twitter @bendonistyle.

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