Cover Watch: Cosmopolitan Reveals Julia Stiles’ Secret Side

In the early 2000s, Julia Stiles was the newest fresh face for teen girls worldwide to adore, or at least be jealous of. With sensations like Save The Last Dance and 10 Things I Hate About You, the starlet seemed to have quite the promising career ahead of her– yet we have to admit that everything since hasn’t been exactly memorable… until now.

Donning the December cover of every girl’s secret weapon, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Stiles cranks up the sex appeal a notch– and not just on paper. The actress best known for her saccharine roles has made a comeback on Showtime’s serial killer sitcom, Dexter. Here at HPNOTIQ, we’ve been counting down the episodes until a steamy romance would begin between Lumen, Stiles’ vengeance seeking character, and leading man Michael C. Hall.

Inside the pages of Cosmo, Julia talks about how scary movies, contrary to her role on the hit TV show, are just not her thing. She also reveals a few personal secrets, prompting the article to be named “Julia Stiles’ Secret Side.” Some of those intimate facts include her admittance of still traveling with a childhood blanky and the native New Yorkers irrational fear of pigeons.

But at the end of the day, the confident and focused Columbia graduate has matured into a serious actress… so do you think Julia Stiles is trying to change her image? And more importantly, do you think she can succeed?

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