Gift Ideas For the New Guy in Your Life

Shopping for the guy in your life can be tough, but when the guy in your life is new, barely two months, coming up with gift ideas can be even more challenging. You don’t want to appear as if you’re buying your way into his heart by spending too much, nor do you want him to think that he doesn’t matter at all with just a measly key chain. After all, you actually do like him and want to see where things lead. So, what kind of gift do you buy a guy of two months? I say go practical, funny and under $30. Here are five simple and cool gift ideas for that guy who isn’t quite your boyfriend, yet.


Magazine subscription 1 year : I recommend men’s magazines you’ve seen him read. Or just jump out on a limb and subscribe to one of the popular ones like Men’s Health, Details, or even GQ. (10 issues (, $19.90)


A Book: Not just any book, but a book that will help him channel his inner greatness. Try giving him the 48 Laws of Power or The Secret; a book filled with positive thinking. (, $18)


Gift Card: Not just any gift card, but a Chipotle one! Who doesn’t love this Mexican fast food joint? It’s yummy and he’ll be able to grab lunch without reaching for his wallet for a couple of days. (, $30)

Zippo Hand Warmer: It’s tiny enough to fit in his pocket and great for keeping his hands warm on those extra frigid days where he has to stand and wait for the train or bus. And just maybe he’ll think of it as you keeping him warm. (, $20)


Electric Wine Opener: When he invites you over for dinner and a movie, he will no longer have to struggle and have his strength tested to pop the cork off your favorite wine. (, $29.95)

And if these 5 items don’t tickle your fancy, there are always the old reliable simple gifts for men—socks, a tie, or DVD.

Misha is a fashion devotee who spends her days trekking into Manhattan putting in long hours in the showroom of a major fashion label. She’s a lover of great personal style. She has spent many of her days studying the business of the fashion world. She also passionately spends her nights moonlighting as a fashion/lifestyle blogger, which gives her an outlet to express her subjective views on fashion, style and all things considered fabulous in her world.

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