Keep Summer Skin Radiant With HPNOTIQ Approved Bliss Spa Products

Tuesday night in Dallas, HPNOTIQ partnered with Bliss Spa and smartwater to celebrate the introduction of Bottle Service — an energizing massage and exfoliating treatment meant to rehydrate and refresh the body.

Guests were treated to a free yoga class, nutritionists on site to give advice on healthy lifestyle as well as mini oxygen sprays, brow shaping, massages and in-spa discounts!

HPNOTIQ chatted up one of Bliss Spa’s aestheticians, Candance Spilman, to talk about how to get the perfect Summer glow, without damaging our skin. Check out how to avoid typical sunny weather skin mishaps for all skin types below:


Summer may be the best season, but the warm weather tends to spur a few skin freak-outs – what is the one product that every girl should own to beat the heat?

Triple oxygen mask benefits all skin types. A super quick  5-minute fix for dull, tired skin. Loaded with vitamin C, it protects from free radical damage with antioxidants and delivers oxygen to the skin with fluid o2 technology.


Why is SPF so important this time of year? What are some great products that can help us fight the battle against the sun?

It’s summer and that means pool parties, backyard BBQs, beach vacations, trips to the lake… which all equals a lot of time in the sun. A full spectrum block SPF protects the skin from both (UVB) burning rays and also (UVA) aging rays. By blocking these we can help protect the skin from future damage to melanin cells, protect collagen & elastin in the skin. Commit to a SPF 30 or higher

A good vitamin C serum such as skinceuticals C & E ferulic is great for protecting and correcting sun damage for dry or normal skin. If your skin tends to be oily, try serum 15 or if you have combo/oily skin prone to breakouts try C + aha for a bit of extra exfoliation with your dose of vitamin C.


Even though we all try, sometimes a sunburn is hard to avoid – what are some
tricks to get skin looking healthy after too much exposure to the sun?

Sooth, sooth, sooth and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Avoid use of oils on the skin during a sunburn. If you have it, use fresh aloe leaf gel straight from the plant, also try a cool milk & oatmeal bath. Don’t pick at, scrub, or peel a sunburn — let it run its course. Once the sunburn is healed invest in a good vitamin C serum for your face and a full spectrum SPF.


Our feet have been hiding in boots all winter long, any great tips to get our
feet looking summer sandal ready?

Of course, a pedicure like the Bliss Foot Patrol : A 75-minute pedicure with special attention paid to calluses with hydrating paraffin — it’s a great way to start the summer.

Or at home : Twice a week after stepping out of the shower or soaking in the tub use the diamondcell file on clean dry feet, rinse and follow with our Foot Patrol. You can use Foot Patrol daily as it contains aloe leaf, AHAs and peppermint to help keep your feet feeling invigorated, soft and smooth between pedicures.


And finally, how can we get that healthy summer glow all year long!?

Exfoliation, both for face and body helps reveal new healthy cells, smoothing the skin and helping your other products work better. Try Pore Perfecting Facial Polish 2x week and for your body, try the Bliss Hot Salt Scrub twice week in the shower. If you have sensitive skin try Bliss’ Blood Orange and White Pepper Sugar Scrub twice a week to keep skin soft and smooth before self tanners and lotions. Don’t forget to moisturize still damp skin after shower/bath to give skin the hydration it needs.

Exfoliation and hydration will keep your skin glowing. And be sure to treat your skin with a mask weekly; try to interchange masks based on how your skin is behaving. If your skin feels dull and lackluster try triple o2 Instant Energizing Mask, if your’re feeling congested or overly oily try our Steep Clean Mask.

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