Ladies we Love: Kerry Knee of Flirty Girl Fitness

While it may be difficult to maintain ones sexiness during a workout, Kerry Knee manages to do it effortlessly.  In 2005, Knee founded the fitness program Flirty Girl Fitness – an exercise routine that turns pole dancing into a fun, sexy, fat burning workout — with the help of her sister Krista. What began as a small fitness facility in Toronto, later evolved into instructional DVDs, a new studio in Chicago, spas and a clothing line.

As a fitness instructor, fitness definitely comes first to the exercise guru, but as a woman, so does fashion! HPNOTIQ up with the lovely Ms. Knee to talk about workout trends, fashion trends and heels.

What are some of your favorite workouts?

Traditional fitness never worked for me, so my sister and I created Flirty Girl Fitness to have a place where women can have fun while getting fit!  My favorite classes to jump into our Booty Beat for my backside, Pole Dance for my arms, and Club Cardio Dance to get my cardio fix.

What is the newest fitness trend you want to try?

I’ve always loved the acrobatic silk performers!  I’m trying to think of a way to bring that to Flirty Girl, but our pole workout has the same affect on building muscle in the arms.

What fitness trend needs to be over?

Minimalist fitness and machines that workout for you!  To stay in shape, you have to work hard. It’s called a WORK-out for a reason.  We try to make fitness fun, but fitness at Flirty Girl is by no means easy.

What are some of your favorite looks this season? This season’s must haves?

Well our Flirty Girl Athletic Attire rocks!  We have a line of fitness attire that breaths when you workout and holds Flirty Girls in all the right places. Post workout, we love the effortless fashion.  Flirty Girls never look like they’re trying to be fashionable.  Just slip on a comfortable, Flirty frock and hop about the city.

What is the perfect Girls Night Out outfit?

Perfect Girl’s Night Out-fit is something that makes you feel sexy.  Forget what the fashion forecasters say. Pick out which area of your body you want to show off and accent that. Most importantly, be confident!

Here at HPNOTIQ, we’re huge fans of the colors aqua and violet. What’s a great way to incorporate those colors into your wardrobe?

Accenting something simple with violet or aqua is a perfect summer touch!  Wrap an aqua or violet scarf over a linen tee, skinny jeans and sandals. That’s my perfect summer shopping excursion outfit!

Every girl loves a killer pair of heels.  What are your favorite pair of shoes and why?

My gym shoes. I spend most of my time running after my one-year old son or working my butt off at Flirty Girl Fitness.

To learn more about Kerry and Flirty Girl Fitness, visit the website

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