Ladies We Love: Jewelry Designer Ariel Gordon

Every girl needs her bling, but how often do we think about what the company behind our favorite accessories actually stands for?

Enter Ariel Gordon, a jewelry designer that prides herself in sustainable locally made adornments that are sure to become a staple in your wardrobe — and not to mention, special occasion gift go-to.

We caught up with Ariel recently in her native Los Angeles to talk about designing with social responsibility in mind, handmaking her very own font and why celebs like Claire Danes, Eva Longoria and Drew Barrymore love her flirty and sophisticated pieces.

So all of your jewelry is made here in Los Angeles?

Yup, I make everything locally here in L.A. with all responsibly sourced materials, a lot of the gold I use is recycled and all of the stones I use come from reputable dealers.

What are your inspirations behind some of the pieces and what are some of your favorite pieces?

Well in general I tend to design pieces that can be kind of staples in your wardrobe, like your favorite jeans or favorite handbag. It’s not jewelry that you have to change every day. A lot of my girlfriends have the same necklace that they wear all the time or the same studs so I just try to design pieces that can just be your “go-to” and “everyday” pieces.

I think I am well-known for my initial necklaces. I saw that movie Helvetica and became obsessed with typography, and was like “Wow, I want to make a font,” so I designed the font by hand. Drew Barrymore has one, so does Eva Longoria and Claire Danes.

I also have the little love knot rings which are really big sellers. I try to do pieces that are personalized and still sentimental, but because I design in real metals, you can shower in it, workout in it, sleep in it and it’s not going to tarnish on you, it will last for years.

Everyday wear and how your pieces are really versatile is something that’s very important to you, but how would you amp it up for a night on the town?

Well, my pieces are made to be layered. If you want something a little bit delicate you can do one piece, if you want something a little more funky you can do two or three. I do love me some bright colors so I added them to the collection and now you can layer with something a bit more eye-catching and give yourself a nice pop of color. I also have the semi precious colored stone necklaces and bracelets which also add a pop of color to an outfit.

You mentioned that everything is made locally, is that something that is really important to you?

Absolutely, yeah. You know a lot of jewelery designers, a lot of well-known jewelry designers make their stuff in China, because their bottom line is how much money and how much profit they can turn and I really just want to be sure my stuff is supporting living wages for people. I make the first piece myself, by hand, then I have a small group of jewelers I oversee very closely and watch manufacture it. I think that adds to the personal nature of the line.

Here at HPNOTIQ we believe in Living Loud, how would you say you embody that notion on a day-to-day basis?

I try to surround myself with positive people and positive ideas, and turn out jewelry that sends a positive message, like my hope necklaces or love or heart necklaces. I try to focus on what’s good in life and not what is negative.

If you werent a jewelry designer what would you be doing?

If I was not a jewelry designer, I would probably be a teacher.






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