Behind the Scenes with Designer Nicholas K at Lucky Shops

The scene at Lucky Shops this past weekend was far from tranquil, but amidst the chaos, Hpnotiq found time to chat with Nicholas Kunz, one-half of the label Nicholas K, to chat about her latest line, the items in her closet she can’t live without and the mantra she chooses to live by.

What’s the inspiration behind your latest line?

It evolved when we were searching for an upstate cabin and I was thinking about what I wanted to wear up there. The line reflects upstate in that it is very woodsy, a little more romantic and outdoorsy.

How would you describe the target Nicholas K girl or guy?

Well I think they’re very cosmopolitan. They’re definitely like traveling a lot – because our stuff is very easy to wear – it’s mostly cotton based, leather; things you don’t have to worry about if they’re going to crinkle or not, they are very packable. Everything is very versatile. We have shirts that you can wear three different ways, so if you want to wear it as a shirt, a dress a skirt, it’s very easy, but also very downtown, very edgy, but at the same time, you can take it upstate and not have to worry about it.

What’s the one item in your closet you can’t live without?

That’s a hard one. You haven’t seen the size of my closet! Well, I’m a very big outerwear person and I have an archive of hundreds of jackets so I love leather jackets. I’d say I couldn’t live without a leather jacket and jeans, I guess.

We’re all about “living louder,” what phrase do you like to live by?

I guess I’d say, don’t be so serious. Life is short; you kind of have to work hard and play hard. I just feel like sometimes people take fashion too seriously and I think you just have to have fun while you’re doing it.

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