Hot Topiq: Google Makes Personalized Shopping Easy With

Now in it’s third week of life, Google’s new personalized fashion shop is officially our favorite obsession. offers a combination of curated fashion choices from stylists and industry tastemakers along with the ingenuity of learning formulas based on your browsing.

Basically once you make an account, Google puts together a list that’s reminiscent of a “users who bought this also bought” button… except with an extraordinary amount of specifics such as colors you love, styles you hate, price range, and celebrity inspiration.

Currently, is only available in women’s apparel in the US with plans to expand rapidly. The site features shopping picks from venerable fashion sources including celebrities such as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Olivia Palermo, Ashlee Simpson Wentz, and Nicole Richie. In addition to the celeb styling choices, fashion bloggers like Susie Bubble, Jane of Sea of Shoes, and Bryan Boy have added their favorite looks to the online community as well!

So start your own boutique today using features that filter silhouettes, sizes, and patterns, or shop celebrity and fashion blogger boutiques for some inspiration!

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