Hot Topiq: Hot Men In History

Yesterday we told you all about the Guys We Shouldn’t Be Attracted To, and felt like it was imperative to award you with a list celebrating the men who are, in fact, worthy of our attention.

The thing is, we already know what guys we should like, and in our search for a more clever alternative we stumbled across the most educational site dedicated to the hot studs of history.

Sure, we haven’t heard of half of them and maybe black and white photos really do make everyone look better, but these men sure are dashing. And, don’t judge us here or anything– but is it us, or was Joseph Stalin not a hottie!? I mean he totally looks like the werewolf in True Blood, if you pretend away that whole dictator/murderer thing.

Get your fix of historical hotties over on Bangable Dudes In History!

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