HPNOTIQ Celebrates Valentine’s Day with 1st Annual Singles Soiree in Denver

Don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day? Well tonight in Denver, Casselman’s Bar & Venue is introducing their 1st annual Singles Day Soiree where you’re sure to mingle with some of the city’s hottest singles!

We’ll have our gorgeous shot girls handing out free HPNOTIQ shots all night long to keep the party going, as well as kissing booths and raffles giving away $5,000 worth of amazing prizes (including tickets to sporting events, indoor skydiving, free dinners, spa trips and hotel stays).

Ladies, you think your game is tight? Lets see what you got in the “Find the Bachelor” event! There will be a few select suave gents at the event, that you may like to meet. Find this bachelor, and if he likes your style, you and your friends win FREE BOTTLE SERVICE!

You can also join in the “Biggest Game of Twister in Denver”, where 1,000 of you sexy singles can get tangled up in the biggest Twister mat this city has ever seen! Hope you’re flexible, because if you’re able to win (you guessed it) FREE BOTTLE SERVICE!

And although the event will be all fun and games — not to mention the possibility of meeting next year’s Valentine — a portion of the event’s proceeds will be donated to the International Relief Fund! So get out there tonight and try to score in the name of charity!

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