Jane Seymour and Kellan Lutz on True Love at the Love, Wedding, Marriage Premiere

As someone who married her Mr Right within six weeks of their first date, I suppose one could say I have a lot to say on the subject of “love at first sight” and “hopeless romantics.” The thing is, whilst I am and was both of those things, I had to become very bitter and cynical first.

Let’s put it this way — there were a lot Mr. Wrongs. A lot. And it wasn’t until I banished all silly epic movie notions of romance for a Mr. Right Now, that it all fell into place, and an epic romance was born.

People scoff when I tell them I loved my husband instantly (he’s fondly known as Mr. Style on the interwebs so I’ll continue the tradition here) but our first date lasted seven hours. It began with a lunch, followed by a drive to the beach for a drink. Within a week we were effectively living together and within six weeks we were in Las Vegas getting hitched. Four years later, we’re in marital bliss. Easy, no? Not really — relationships take work, commitment and a whole lotta love.

Candice Crane, one of the co-writers of Love, Wedding, Marriage, was keen to point out to us on the red carpet of Tuesday night’s premiere that “the key to a great relationship is commitment and work” — thoughts echoed by the premise of the film and one of the film’s stars, Jane Seymour, a fellow self-confessed “speed marrier” (her words not mine).

When asked what makes a successful relationship, Jane had this piece of wisdom — “having an open heart and being able to understand that relationships aren’t always perfect, that you will say and do things, as will other people, that will maybe be hurtful or bad choices. If you can accept it and be open and move forward you can actually have a real relationship.”

I would be inclined to agree. As for Kellan Lutz, he’s a little more simple. Ladies, he’s just looking for a girl who can sing.

– Kelsi Smith

Kelsi Smith is a fashion writer who lives and “works” in Los Angeles with her husband and two cats “Frankie and the Fat One.” Most days you can find her at Dedicated Follower of Fashion or corralling other fashion bloggers at Two Point Oh! LA but you can always find her on Twitter where she boasts almost 30,000 tweets. Clearly she has a lot to say.

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