Ladies We Love: DJ Kalkutta Works Hard To Get It All

DJ Kalkutta makes having it all look easy — the young New York based turntablist, who’s moniker represents the Indian city in which she was born, has dominated the downtown NYC nightlife scene in one fell swoop.

This hip-hop and electro enthusiast has already added the runway shows of her favorite designer, Betsey Johnson, and some of the city’s hottest clubs like Marquee, the Ace Hotel and the trendy Blind Barber to her roster in addition to a stint in modeling, of course.

But don’t be fooled, this Indian beauty is more than a beat-making pretty face — DJ Kalkutta’s mission is way deeper than your average music maker and shaker. Her name is more than just that of her motherland, it is also the place where the DJ was placed up for adoption.

Raised here in the States, Kalkutta studied music and production and like most DJs just kind of fell into the game. Luckily for her, she can hold down the 1s and 2s… and when you find something you love and you’re good at, all you can do is hold on for dear life.

With good looks and cross-cultural understanding, Kalkutta has risen up as an ambassador for all things music, style and nightlife — and we can only be sure that global domination is in the works.

Be sure to check out our girl spinning at pretty much every hotspot in NYC by keeping tabs on her calendar and Twitter. I mean, that’s where we just found  Ke$ha show we’ll be sneaking into…

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  • Louis Mandelbaum

    this girl is slammin.