Ladies We Love: Elizabeth Olsen, The Other Olsen Sister

Earlier this year, all eyes were on Elizabeth Olsen as the new leading lady at the Sundance Film Festival.

The younger sister of ultra-famous Mary-Kate and Ashley paved her own path at the festival starring in not one, but two breakout films.

As leading lady in both Martha Marcy May Marlene and psychological thriller Silent House, Lizzie showed us emotionally charged performances that have since gained her comparisons to Maggie Gyllenhaal– and definitely catapulted her from any shadow that may have been cast by her older siblings.

You can often catch Olsen about town in all of the hottest places in New York City, such as her recent 22nd birthday celebrations at The Jane Hotel, but she’s not your average party girl. The young actress is full of ambition putting her studies in Psychology at NYU at the top of her list, no matter how busy she may be filming new projects.

“I’m so lucky that school is always there for me when I take these little breaks,” Elizabeth told The Hollywood Reporter. “But my education is always a priority.”

And what’s next for this rising young star? A starring role in her biggest project yet alongside Robert De Niro, Sigourney Weaver, and Cillian Murphy in next year’s Red Lights. Move over MK and Ashley, there’s a new Olsen in tinsletown!

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