Ladies We Love: Mentorship and Beauty From Tracy Mourning

Tracy Wilson Mourning isn’t your typical basketball wife– the woman behind the former basketball star, Alonzo Mourning, is a passionate entrepeneur who has dedicated the past decade to helping young women in at-risk situations.

Since founding the Honey Shine Mentoring Program in 2002, an extension of the Alonzo Mourning Charities, Tracy has helped countless girls to strive for higher education and tackle issues like low self-esteem with positive experiences.

In addition to her charity work and keeping up appearances as a Miami socialite, Mourning has also developed Honey Child– a lifestyle and beauty brand focusing on the same essential qualities as the mentoring program.

“We want to encourage women to create that ritual for themselves. Far too often we put ourselves on the back burner and taking a bath and taking care of ourselves is something we have to do all the time,” Mourning recently told NBC Miami.

“That’s what life is all about, it’s about serving and giving back,” she continued. And Tracy is doing exactly that, not just with Honey Shine, but with her line of newly launched beauty products.

Each bottle of lotion, body oil, or fragrance comes with its own inspirational statement like that of the Goddess scent, which reads, “I am passionate, sexy, and empowerd. Led by spirit, my sweetest dreams are achieved.”

Not only are you taking care of yourself both mentally and physically with these products, but a portion of the proceeds also go to Tracy’s Honey Shine Mentoring Program. So go ahead, make yourself feel good and feel great knowing you’re helping others while doing so.

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