Ladies We Love: The HBIC of Hellz Bellz

There was a time in fashion when women were forced to be dainty and constrained. It wasn’t until the “bra burning 60s” that women, and the American fashion industry, experienced the liberation of the common standards of beauty. This movement directly inspired many of the fashion designers we know and admire today.

Hellz is one such design company– dedicated to attaining and celebrating the beauty in all of us, but specifically when we’re simply in a t-shirt or hoodie. As “a contemporary clothing brand catering to the burgeoning class of rebellious youth,” Hellz has become a global community curated by Lanie B., a.k.a Misslawn, or more commonly, the HBIC of Hellz.

As founder and creative director, Lanie has built a team that includes a troop of sassy femmes who bring us the best in style, art, and fashion on a regular basis with great pride and emphasis put on the creative and edgy. And don’t worry fellas, this isn’t a Chicks Only Club… there’s plenty of duds for the guys to choose from as well.

So grab our personal favorite, the “You Can’t Afford To _____ Me” tank, before they’re all sold out… again!

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