Ladies We Love: The Hustlin’ Ways of Jasmine Solano

If you haven’t heard of Jasmine Solano yet, not only will she make sure of it, but you should pay attention. The radio host come rapstress/DJ has been making big moves in the last few years — as the official DJ for Whiz Kalifa and Va$htie‘s right hand girl, to mention a few — and with a kick off career with a party called Electric Punnany, we’re not surprised.

Basically, if you’re looking for a Brooklyn girl that does it all, Solano is your best bet. With positivity and loyalty for days, Jasmine prides herself in rolling with a tight crew of people who are not only motivated, but ready to live and breathe creativity.

In addition to bringing it hard on the party scene, Jasmine embodies a natural born hustler. With her hands in radio, nightlife, fashion, production and tons more, we’re expecting even bigger things from her in the future! And if you’re looking for some of the sweatiest all out dance parties in NYC, I’d follow her closely on Twitter and bank on having one of the best nights of your life.

Check out her video for “That’s Not It” after the jump and be sure to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Electric Punnany this Sunday, January 30th. And you better be ready to really get down when you get there!

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