Bartender Seth Walsh of Vegas’ Yellowtail

When and why did you get into mixology?

I started bartending about three years ago. I just love trying and creating new flavors and the fact that I get to smile and have fun for a living.


What would you tell someone who has never been to Yellowtail before?

Embrace the energy, have fun with it and, “Here try this!”


What do you love about working behind the bar?

I’m a mood director.


What sets original Hpnotiq and Hpnotiq Harmonie apart from the rest of the cocktail world?

They say you should always wear one piece of clothing that is a conversation starter, but you should really just order a Hpnotiq cocktail. It’s definitely a conversation starting drink!


What is your favorite signature Hpnotiq cocktail? (Bubbles N Blue, Hpnorita or Roq Candy Martini)

Hpnorita (with a salted rim)

*1 1/2 oz. Hpnotiq Harmonie

*1/2 oz. Premium White Tequila

*1/2 oz. Triple Sec


What occasion is your specialty cocktail Bubbles ‘N Berries  perfect for?

It should be a girl’s first drink; it sets a fun mood for the night.


What is the best or worst pick-up line you’ve overheard at the bar?

Best: Send a tic-tac-toe game on a cocktail napkin,

Worst: “I see your boyfriend just went to the bathroom, can I have your number while he’s gone?”


What advice do you have for someone trying to approach someone at a bar?

Be honest, but not cheesy. Sincere compliments go a long way.


What is the one thing behind the bar you cannot live without and why?

Free, fun, fruity shots! They’re a fantastic social lubricant!

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