Exclusive: Omarion Talks Women & Fashion With Hpnotiq Harmonie

HPNOTIQ caught up with the uber-talented singer Omarion at last night’s Sammy B after-party at Polar Lounge. The ‘Touch’ singer dished on women’s fashion, his favorite female parts and what he loves most about Fashion Week. Check it out!

What’s the most important aspect of women’s fashion for you?

Heels and how well the clothes fit; that’s the most important thing. When you’re looking at a woman – whether she’s curvy or if she doesn’t have a shape – it all depends on how her clothes fit her. And that’s the secret to looking good. A lot of people don’t know that, but it’s important for your clothes to fit you well.

What’s the worst fashion mistake a woman could make?

Have bad hygiene. That’s unfashionable.

What’s the sexiest feature on a woman?

I don’t know, there are a lot of things that are sexy on a woman. Lips, eyes, hips…

But what instantly draws your attention?

I like all of that, plus the booty. I definitely like the booty. If they got a cute booty behind them, I’m going to stop whatever I’m doing. I’m going to go up to them and say, “Excuse me, did you work on that? Did you do squats, did you do lunges?”

What song really gets the party going for you?

It depends on the vibe. Right now, Jay-Z and Kanye’s  “N***as in Paris.” If that song came on right now, everybody would go crazy.

What’s the perfect gift to give to a woman?

Something thoughtful — something you took the time the think about.

What’s your ideal first date?

Somewhere you can be intimate. Somewhere there’s not a lot of people, where it’s just the two of you.

What do you look forward to most about NYFW?

Not just the fashion, but all the people that come out; my peers and all the other celebrities. It’s really cool to be in the room with a whole bunch of people that are creative just like you.

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