The Duo Behind Designer Gretchen Jones’ Style

Behind every fashionable celebrity, typically lies a stylish team, and designer Gretchen Jones is no different. HPNOTIQ caught up with jewelry designer Ian Kennedy and stylist Colby Rebecca — the man and woman behind the designer’s style — to discuss the ins and outs of Jones’ beautiful collections and personal looks.

How did you meet Gretchen?

IA: I met her in college. We went to Colorado University at Boulder together and I met her my junior year. So we’ve known each other for about a decade.

CR: I’ve been styling Gretchen for both of her collections — this being her second — and I’ve been styling in general for seven years.

How would you describe the pieces you choose for Gretchen?

IA: Really soulful. It has a lot of connection with the earth. Gretchen really gravitates a lot towards turquoise. I think we both appreciate how turquoise takes on age and turns green and dark with the years. I think you can really tell the character in something by how it changes as it grows and I think it reflects Gretchen as a designer; she’s constantly changing.

RC: Gretchen is a really amazing client to have because she lets me play. All of her pieces are convertible and can be worn a million ways, which makes my job fun. Basically, everything is a little bit on the organic side and it all works together very easily.

We absolutely loved the shoes worn for the collection, who designed them?

CR: I personally customized the shoes for her. They are all essentially done by hand for the Gretchen Jones collection.

What accessory trends do you see coming for the fall?

IA: I really am seeing a lot more pins. I think the retro, larger brooches and pins are really going to be something we’re going to see a lot more of.  I think for a lot of the statement pieces — necklaces in particular — we’re still seeing a lot of, but I think we’re going to move into other vintage-inspired themes that we haven’t seen as much of lately.

Check out more about Ian Kennedy and his jewelry and design line Ruby + George at and follow Ian on Twitter at kennedyhandmade.

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