Bartender Marco of Houston’s Bodegas Taco Shop

When and why did you get into mixology?

I started 11 years ago. I love that I can have fun while getting paid.


Tell me a bit about your bar. What would you tell someone who has never been here before?

I would tell them that they’re in for the best experience of eating, drinking, music and game watching, with a laid back atmosphere. You will forget about your problems for the night!


What do you love about working behind the bar?

I have made the best of friends.


What sets HPNOTIQ apart from the rest of the cocktail world?

It’s a fusion; you can mix it with so many things, and women love it!


What is your favorite signature HPNOTIQ cocktail?

Harmonie, peach schnapps, vodka, and homemade strawberry lemonade.


Tell us about your specialty HPNOTIQ cocktail. What occasion is it perfect for?

Any night!


What is one thing behind the bar that you cannot live without? Why?

151 Rum; you can transform personalities in less than 30 minutes.

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