Behind the Bar: Julie Nahan of Sushi Axiom

Meet bartender Julie Nhan of Dallas’ Sushi Axiom.

When and why did you get into mixology?

I got into mixology about four years ago. I trained in Addison, Texas to become a bartender. Bartending is my passion when I was younger, messing around with drinks and liquors with different flavors and tastes to come up with amazing cocktails.


Tell me a bit about your bar. What would you tell someone who has never been here before?

I bartend at Sushi Axiom off Henderson, the heart of uptown Dallas. It’s an upscale, classy, up-beat sushi restaurant with a full bar. We have our own unique delicious cocktails and different flavored martini recipes that make everyone’s taste buds happy.


What do you love about working behind the bar?

I love trying to come up with different new recipes, whether they’re failures or successes! Looking at customers thoroughly enjoying my cocktails makes every day at work so much better!


What sets HPNOTIQ apart from the rest of the cocktail world?

HPNOTIQ is perfect on its own. It doesn’t matter what you mix it with, the taste of HPNOTIQ always dominates, but it also enhances others liquors that also part of the cocktail; that’s the beauty of it.


Tell us about your favorite specialty HPNOTIQ cocktail. What occasion is it perfect for?

HARMONIE BLUSH has 3 parts of HARMONIE, 2 parts of KETTLE ONE CITRON, 1 part CRANBERRY JUICE, and top it off with a splash of CHAMPAGNE. It’s sweet, bitter, tangy and delicious. It is perfect for any occasion; girls night out, gatherings or a fancy party.


What’s the best/worst pick-up line you’ve heard someone use at the bar?

The best: “I’m not much of a sweet drinker, maybe whiskey. It’s bitter, but meeting you just adds more sweet into my drinks.”

The worst: “I’m a lawyer, want a drink?”


What advice do you have for someone trying to approach someone at a bar?

Don’t talk about yourself too much, just give a confident smile and act natural! Bottom line, be confident, but don’t try too hard.


What is one thing behind the bar that you cannot live without an why?

My bar key, because every bartenders need to have one!

To learn more about Julie, visit her Facebook page.

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