Los Angeles Gets a Taste of the New HPNOTIQ at Love, Wedding, Marriage Premiere

On Tuesday night the glitzy, glamorous and, well, me, gathered at the infamous Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles to premiere Dermot Mulroney’s (yes, Mr. My Best Friend’s Wedding himself) directorial debut, Love, Wedding, Marriage.

Starring members of the cast were there, including everyone’s favorite beefcake, Kellan Lutz of Twilight fame and bohemian troublemaker Jessica Szohr, a.k.a. Vanessa from Gossip Girl. Also starring in the movie and looking radiant as ever was Jane Seymour, who when asked about love, kept telling everyone to “have an open heart” — which, whilst a lovely sentiment, made for an even lovelier plug for her jewelry line… the Open Hearts collection.

Notably missing from festivities was leading lady Mandy Moore, who plays a newly wed marriage counselor who finds herself in the unique position of “counseling” her own parents.

After chatting up the celebs on the red carpet, we raced (quite literally) to grab our seats for the movie, which was a “joyous sapfest” (I just quoted myself) and I’ll have more on that later.

Next up we were whisked away the “L’Apres Partie” (that’s after party in French, because that’s how I roll) housed at The Beverly, a gorgeous bar in WeHo also celebrating it’s inaugural night. Movie Premiere, bar Premiere — just another night in Hollywood, folks! The party, sponsored by yours truly (not me singularly, I mean us here at HPNOTIQ) was fabulous. Conversation, general swooning and, of course, our signature cocktails flowed.

All in love themed libations, there were several ways to sip on HPNOTIQ new vibrant violet. I opted for ‘True Love’ (who wouldn’t) a concoction of gin, lemon juice, champagne and of course the tasty new HPNOTIQ. If only true love were so easy to find every night (said the married lady). Other offerings were the ‘Blushing Bride’ a martini version of the new vibrant violet BFF featuring vodka and lemon juice served in a martini glass.

All in all a fabulous soiree thanks to HPNOTIQ, Bebe, iRenew and the folks at IFC for making it happen.

– Kelsi Smith

Kelsi Smith is a fashion writer who lives and “works” in Los Angeles with her husband and two cats “Frankie and the Fat One.” Most days you can find her at Dedicated Follower of Fashion or corralling other fashion bloggers at Two Point Oh! LA but you can always find her on Twitter where she boasts almost 30,000 tweets. Clearly she has a lot to say.

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