Man of the Month: Brian Austin Green

The 90s were a carefree time– flannel shirts, rollerblades, and most importantly Donna Martin graduated.

Those of us who never understood why Beverly Hills 90210‘s dear Donna waited so long to do the deed with one sexy David Silver, can now relive our formative fantasies with Brian Austin Green’s return to sitcom television.

Last month, Green spoke with Details Magazine about how being a celebrity then and now is so different– in a world where digital cameras rule the paparazzi scene and being married to arguably the hottest women on the planet doesn’t do much for avoiding attention.

The star, who took a short relationship hiatus from now wife Megan Fox in 2009, recently revealed that the breakup was one of professional concern, and one enough to make us swoon. Since they met when Fox was an unknown actress at the age of 18, Green felt the need to give her the freedom she deserved in her new found fame after landing the lead role in the Transformers series. Luckily for them, and not so much for the opposite sex fans of the couple, they quickly reconciled.

And although Green may be embarrassed of his past hair faux-pas, our crush on him has never subsided. And now that he’s all grown up, and hunky as ever, we’re excited to keep tallies on his new character as Bree’s charming new handyman on Desperate Housewives. But as the drama unfolds, the newest cougar on the block, played by former Ugly Betty star Vanessa Williams, sets her eyes on him as well. We obviously don’t blame her.

Do you think this role will put Brian Austin Green on the radar for the big screen? Or would you rather see more of Luke Perry these days?

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