HPNOTIQ Hotspot: The Roxy, A Girls Night Out on Rock ‘N Roll’s Big Street

Los Angeles may be synonymous with glitz and glam, which we know first hand from all of our Girls Nights Out while we were in town for Lucky Shops LA, but the City of Angels also has a hefty dose of Rock ‘N Roll — and no other place embodies that spirit better than The Roxy.

We got a chance to catch up with The Roxy’s social media rockstar, Tonya Cooke, to let us in on some of the appeal of “Rock ‘N Roll’s big street,” as well as talk about the new HPNOTIQ Bachelorette Party packages available at the club.

Tell me a little bit about the history of The Roxy and what makes it a Los Angeles staple?

The Roxy has been around since 1973 and it has housed some of the biggest musicians you’ve ever heard of. Artists would come here in the 70s and do week long residencies, so you’d have four nights with Neil Young or four nights with Bruce Springsteen and Elton John — all of these really huge acts at the top of their game, who would come and stay here for a week so people could see them four nights in a row if they wanted.

The Roxy is a really cool place because it has all these gigantic names associated with it but it still has a small venue setting. So you’re going to run into these crazy acts that would never play at a venue like this anywhere else but they opt to play here at The Roxy.

What makes The Roxy a great Girls Night Out destination?

All the hot guys that are going to show up! [laughs] I mean, it’s a good Girls Night Out destination because you’re on the Sunset Strip, around all of this Rock ‘N Roll history and there’s all of these rockstars left and right. You’re gonna see everybody hanging out at the Rainbow that’s in your favorite band and then you make your way in here and you can cozy up in a booth, see some great music and have a great night out on Rock ‘N Roll’s big street.

Describe the way The Roxy has been able to bring HPNOTIQ’s bachelorette and birthday packages, a traditionally girlie activity, into a space that is all about Rock ‘N Roll.

Well, the fact that you can get all froofy and wear boas is totally Rock ‘N Roll. There’s all different levels to the Rock ‘N Roll mentality and you can bring that into this space and still be really girly and celebrate your bachelorette or birthday party in this setting. And this is also a really great alternative to the usual strip club scenarion — it’s the party you wanna have without the raunchy. It’s really an experience that’s more special than just heading out to a bar because you can enjoy your favorite band, get all your girl’s together and have your own private booth in the middle of this historic venue.

Now we know what makes The Roxy special — what is On The Rox and how are the two spaces different?

Well, down here is where most of the big concerts are held and upstairs at On The Rox is a more intimate space with a bar and a small stage where we also have shows… but it’s more of our, um, VIP lounge.

So if you find yourself on Sunset Blvd., be sure to stop in for HPNOTIQ’s weekly party with Houndstooth Radio!

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