Jive Record’s New Artist Wish Wants You To “Feel Ur Beat!”

Dato’s Law states that wishes expand in direct proportion to the resources available for their gratification. With the world at her feet and unbounded creativity, the artist known simply as Wish is ready to make all her wishes come true through her unique flair, brash image and distinct music style that has already set her apart from her musical peers.

This became evident as Wish took the stage for a room of media elite last night in New York City. And after watching her perform, as well as enjoying the new HPNOTIQ backstage, we can say that this girl not only has the outrageous and eye-catching swagger and style of Nicki Minaj, but the pipes of Beyoncé… not to mention, a definite nod back to the era of Eve.

We got a chance to catch up with Wish about her newly penned deal with Jive Records, what it means to be a strong and independent female, and the release of WISHtape on May 30th. Check out the rest of the interview after the jump as well as videos for her single, “Suga Daddy,” and the premiere of “Feel Ur Beat!”


Let’s start with your name — where does it come from and what does Wish mean to you?

This is the question I get the most, and the answer is way more simple than you probably think. My mother was pregnant, she wished for a girl, and voila! Here I am.

When did your passion for music begin? And is there a specific moment you could pinpoint when you realized that being a singer was something you wanted to pursue professionally?

My passion for music began at a really early age. I grew up in church singing on the choir, but I really wasn’t sold on being an entertainer until I sang in the cafeteria during lunch at school. The principal grabbed the mic and asked who wanted to share talent. I sang “Killing Me Softly” (Lauryn Hill’s version at the time) and when I finished everyone was clapping and shouting. That’s when I thought, I can do this… I like the way it feels, and I wanna be an entertainer.

Your style is definitely one-of-a-kind — what inspires you to continuously turn it up a notch?

Thanks! I think it’s important to continuously evolve and not put ourselves in a box. It’s so much fun to me to experiment and see what you come up with. That’s literally how most of my looks come about. Trial and error.

It’s every artist’s dream to get signed and that dream came true for you in November of last year with Jive Records — how did it feel to pen that deal?

Wow. When I say dream come true, it was exactly that. I’ve been at this for a really long time and been so close to getting signed several times. Jive has always been my dream label primarily because I think they breed their artists and you witness the evolution of each of the artists right before your eyes. I’m excited to join forces with them and see what happens.

Each of your songs seem to represent a sense of strong and independent femininity — is it important to you to be perceived as a strong female?

Most definitely. If a woman should be anything, she should be independent. You won’t get far depending on anyone else for anything. Life’s about taking risks and taking care of yourself first.

Tell me a little bit about the new album and how it compares to your debut release Skool Girl Diaries?

The new album (well, WISHtape) is similar to SGD in that it’s still kinda autobiographical. Most of the songs on the WISHtape channel love, and being empowered. Story of my life. I’m excited for everyone to hear. It’ll be available May 30 on wishishere.com.

If you could pick three words to define your music what would they be?

I try not to classify my music in anyway. I like for the listener to interpret their own perception and leave it at that. It’s not good if I tell explain it to you first. You listen, then make your own judgment about it. That’s the beauty of any art… It can mean so many things, and what it means to you, may not mean the same for the next.

Here at HPNOTIQ, we always call out our fans to Live Louder — how do you live loud on a day-to-day basis?

Living like tomorrow may not come, is how I live loud. I’m a risk taker, and I stand up for what I believe in. Out loud!

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