Kendra Scott Fashion’s Night Out Recap

My second stop for Fashion’s Night Out was at the newly opened Kendra Scott jewelry boutique, a quaint and sophisticated alternative to the madhouse of events on Rodeo Drive, despite being only a few yards away. The friendly, glowing staff greeted me in gorgeous jewel-toned draped dresses, while glittering jewelry sparkled at me from every angle.

Tray-passed flutes of HPNOTIQ Harmonie and champagne — aptly named Bubbles N’ Berries — were offered and as I gladly accepted I had chance to talk about spring trends with Terrell, a Kendra Scott sales associate. I learned that the purple Agate stone is a very popular choice in the store’s Color Bar, where you can create your own custom pieces.

While mingling with some of the other guests, I inquired about everyone’s ideal girl’s night out. The most popular answers were of course shopping, dancing and intimate dinner parties. Well ladies, the next time you host your girls for dinner, I highly suggest serving up Bubbles N’ Berries. Your friends will thank you.

Tiara is a  writer and event planner living in Los Angeles, CA.  Inspired and influenced by style and pop icons like Rihanna, Robyn, Lady Gaga, Madonna and Beyonce, Tiara started The Dope Girl blog as a creative way to share her love of great style and music. Tiara is also a member and Assistant Director of Events & Marketing for Two Point Oh! LA, the premiere organization of fashion, style and beauty bloggers.

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  • Kendra Scott

    I’m so glad you got to stop by our FNO event. Baubles AND bubbly…what more can a girl ask for?