Robyn Switches It Up With Secret Show In Los Angeles

Swedish pop princess Robyn may be having the busiest week ever — kicking off a slew of Los Angeles area shows at Logo’s NewNowNext Awards this past Thursday night, then heading south for the venerable Coachella Music Festival this upcoming weekend, peppered with a pit stop at Las Vegas’ newest addition, the Cosmopolitan.

Although we were busy at the Lucky Shops VIP event the night of the network’s fourth annual installment of the awards show, the HPNOTIQ crew was fortunate to catch Robyn the following night at a secret party hosted by one of LA’s hottest radio stations, and the first to play Robyn on the airwaves in the City of Angels — 97.1 Amp Radio!

As a part of a series of Switch Parties hosted by the radio station (which was blasting on our rental car’s speakers all weekend, by the way), Robyn took to the stage at West Hollywood’s hottest gay nightclub, The Factory, to play a short set of her powerfully engaging songs.

Packed to the brim with enthusiastic fans, as well as buff go-go boys in tighty whiteys, the room went absolutely wild when the first baseline dropped and our pearly haired diva walked onto the stage, commencing the short set with “Fembot.”

And although Robyn exudes a ridiculous amount of ardor on stage, we’ll have to admit that the brevity of the performance — only four songs total — was a bit of a disappointment. Yet Robyn’s incredibly energetic presentation and enigmatic fierceness has us singing forgive and forget. And with the whirl of confetti rain during “Hang With Me,” her literal “spinning around in circles” like a dizzy fairy for “Dancing On My Own” and just her overall support of the gay community, how could we not?

See what we mean by checking out her heartfelt performance of “Call Your Girlfriend,” as well as by taking a look at photos from Friday night’s show below [courtesy of Amp Radio]:

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