November Trend Report: The Return of Feminine Details

With this week’s election, you may have found yourself thinking about the effects that politics and the economy have on your everyday life– and we’re not talking about tax cuts. When a country is at war or under political distress the height of women’s high heels tends to skyrocket. Not to mention masculine styles, such as all the boyfriend sweaters and military-inspired wear of the last few seasons, dominating the clothing styles. This overall toughening up makes sense if you think about it– fashion and femininity tend to take a serious back seat to the socio-economic realities of the time.

Now let’s flash forward to Fall 2010 and take a look at what the current fashion trends say about us. With a the revival of kitten heels, pointed toes, pleated skirts with voluminous fabrics, wasp waists, jewel tones, long, gold-gilded pendant necklaces, cat eye sunglasses… yes, Joan Holloway, we’d say the details that separate the girls from the boys have made a look-at-me comeback.

Those in the know say that fashion, like the stock market, is predictive of future behavior (there is a reason collections are shown a season ahead, right?!), so we’d have to say that today’s ladies are ready for a night out!  Maybe this means the economy will be in a better state in a few months or maybe it really means we’re all just ready to embrace our inner girly-girls, preferably en route to a chic and fun cocktail party teeming with tall, dark and handsomes.  This season’s party must-haves of the moment include glammed-out sparkly cocktail rings, leopard print sunglasses to sport as the sun goes down, blinglicious chandelier earrings to offset the Little Black Dress, and a rich wine-colored rosette headband– the messy hair insta-fixer).

Us HPNOTIQ girls like a glass half full, so let’s take the resurgence of feminine details as a hint to “refill!”

–by Send The Trend‘s Mariah Chase

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