10 Reasons Not To Marry Her

The recently married — and divorced — Kim Kardashian may not be the only victim in this reality TV scandal.  Chances are Kris Humphries, her newly single ex-hubby, married her for the wrong reasons. We’ve all got guy friends who fall under the spell of the wrong woman. So how do we help our helpless dudes from falling into this trap?  Share these reasons not to marry her.

No. 1 She’s Good in Bed

Just because she is the best you’ve had (or has a wildly successful sex tape, like Kim K.) sexual chemistry doesn’t mean you’ll have a lifetime of happiness together.  A relationship needs more than compatibility under the sheets to last.

No. 2 She’s Unfaithful

If she has cheated on you, proposing marriage will not guarantee that she will no longer stray just because she is now wearing your ring.

No. 3 You’ve Cheated

You broke her heart by letting her know you cheated and want to make it right. Walking down the aisle just to prove to her you’ll never cheat again, will not ease her worries. She may always be suspicious of your whereabouts and hold past indiscretions against you for years and your indiscretions might serve as evidence that you’re just not ready to settle down.

4. She’s Made Ultimatums. You’ve been together for years and years.  She now threatens to leave if you don’t take the relationship to the next level.  If you’re not confident that you want to spend the rest of your lives together, don’t propose because you feel pressured that it’s the next step.

No. 5 She’s Disrespectful to Your Mother

No one says your mother has to love her, but if she can’t at least be polite to your sometimes-nagging mother, then she may not be the woman for you. Your mother is the most important woman in a man’s life; your woman should attempt to get along with her.

No. 6 You’re Not Financially Stable

If you are living paycheck to pay check, don’t have enough of a savings to put down money on a home, or you’re in serious credit card debit, it might not be the best time to rush into a marriage.

No. 7 Your Family Doesn’t Like Her. You can ignore your friends’ opinions on your relationship, but when your loved ones are warning you that she doesn’t have your best interest at heart, it is a very bad sign. Listen to their concerns and take them into consideration.

No. 8 You’re Getting “Old”

Who cares what society says the right age is to tie the knot? Wait until you’re ready, not when everyone else is getting married.

No. 9  She’s Bat Sh*t Crazy

All women are crazy on some level, but if your girl has ever attempted or threatened to bring bodily harm to you, then you might want to reconsider popping the question. Volatile relationships might seem passionate and exciting in the beginning, but they often end badly (read: Chris and Rihanna). You’ve got to ask yourself if this is really someone you want to have kids with, let alone marry.

No. 10 She’s Pregnant

Just because she is having your baby, staying together for the sake of the unborn child may not actually be good for the child if you aren’t providing a loving and stable home together.  Remember, there are strong single parents everywhere.

Sarah Shaker is an ex-soap opera producer, living, writing, and dating in the East Village. After launching Bright Lights, My City, a niche NYC lifestyle blog, she began working in community management and social media. Sarah is currently working for MSNBC.com as the Regional Community Coordinator for EveryBlock.com, a hyperlocal website connecting neighbors to make their block a better place.

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