Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him (and possibly her)

Just when we thought that the gift-giving season was over, here comes Valentine’s Day– as if we’re still not recovering from all the Christmas spending.  Don’t worry there’s still time, but now is a good idea to start thinking of gift ideas for the guy in your life.  Yes, guy.  Despite Valentine’s Day being marketed towards women, it’s a day to express you love and adoration for that special guy as well.  Not sure what to get him?  Try shopping for 2-in1 and/or unisex gifts you both can enjoy.  Here are 5 simple Valentine Day gifts ideas.


Reservations at a new restaurant:  Take the pressure off your guy this year, take charge and make reservations at a new restaurant you both have been dying to try. Don’t forget the wine and dessert!  Head over to and make those reservations!


Cashmere Cardigan:  Treat your guy to some new clothes –a cashmere cardigan would be great for this time of year.  It’ll be perfect for those super cold days for him and for you to borrow to layer over your dresses, especially when you sleep over.


Fragrance:  Choosing a fragrance can be a difficult task, but when you opt for a unisex scent you love, chances are he might love it as well.  There’s nothing wrong with sharing–one fragrance, two scents depending on you guys’ body chemistry.  And if he doesn’t like it at all, just add it to your collection of fragrances.  You can never have too many.


Spa Treatment/Massage:  Dealing with the everyday stresses of life can take a toll on the body.  Encourage your guy to go get the kinks worked out of his back.  He’ll feel much better afterwards.  And if he’s just not up for it, accompany him or simply use the spa day for yourself.  What girl couldn’t use an extra day at the Spa?


Adult toys: Buy a gift you both can have some grown up alone time fun with together.  This will allow you guys to get intimate and explore each other in new ways, and what better day to do that than on the day of love?

Misha is a fashion devotee who spends her days trekking into Manhattan putting in long hours in the showroom of a major fashion label. She’s a lover of great personal style. She has spent many of her days studying the business of the fashion world. She also passionately spends her nights moonlighting as a fashion/lifestyle blogger, which gives her an outlet to express her subjective views on fashion, style and all things considered fabulous in her world.

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