The HPNOTIQ Girl’s Guide To Twitter: Kelly Oxford

If you’re not following Kelly Oxford on Twitter, you’ve missed out on more than a couple of laughs.

The Canadian stay-at-home mother of three has been blogging since the Internet began to enter the common household, but recently hit her stride with what many call one of the most follow-worthy Twitter handles out there.

Don’t take my word for it, just ask Jimmy Kimmel, Howard Stern or Jessica Alba — who has signed on as an executive producer for Oxford’s upcoming sitcom which is currently in development with CBS.

If you think Twitter is just a way to let a bunch of strangers know what you’re eating for breakfast, you should consider that Alba reached out to Kelly via the social networking site in hopes of possibly collaborating in the future. Luckily Oxford happened to have already penned a pilot with mentor Jhoni Marchinko of Will & Grace scribe fame. The half-hour show, tentatively named The Mother Of All Something, will follow the story of a young snarky mom and is sure to include Oxford’s uncanny observational wit.

In addition to being another member of the Twitterati heading to Hollywood, Oxford has signed a book deal with HarperCollins to write a memoir, which we’re sure her 115,000+ followers will be excited to get their hands on. But celebrity beware, nobody’s safe from this sharp-tongued mom — especially if your name is Kim Kardashian.

But Oxford mostly makes us giggle because she says the things we’re all thinking out loud, and that’s why we love her. So go ahead and click follow, at least for the bragging rights you’ll have when Kelly Oxford has as many followers as Charlie Sheen and you can claim to be one of the first in the know.

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